Cassidy Hutchinson, former WH aide, testified about Trump's role in Jan. 6th riot.

Hutchinson said Trump knew his supporters were armed but encouraged them to march to the Capitol.

Trump also lunged at a Secret Service agent who tried to stop him from going to the Capitol with his supporters.

Hutchinson's testimony is important because it provides firsthand evidence of Trump's actions on Jan. 6th.

It also suggests that Trump may have been involved in criminal activity, such as inciting an insurrection.

Hutchinson has been praised by legal experts for her credible and detailed testimony.

Her testimony has also had a significant impact on American politics, raising new questions about Trump's involvement in the Capitol riot.

Hutchinson has become a target of Trump and his supporters, but she has remained steadfast in her commitment to telling the truth.

Hutchinson's testimony is a powerful reminder of the importance of democracy and the rule of law.

We must all stand up for our democracy and protect it from those who would seek to undermine it.