This is an age of science and technology. It is also an age of consumerism. Every day there are new discoveries and inventions. New, innovative and better products are there in the markets. People are growing better in terms of purchasing power. Their standard of living has improved much. They want to lead a life of ease and comfort. For that, they need better, cheaper and durable items. To fulfill this need, industries are producing many items and devices to give them comfort and save their time and energy. These terms have given rise to more and more advertisements. New and better products need new and more consumers. They can reach Consumers only through advertisements.

The revolution in the means of mass communication has further increased the importance of advertisements. They are there in the newspapers, magazines, on walls, hoardings, on T.V., in films, on the railway platforms, bus stands, in bazars, streets en open on railway tickets and electric and telephone bits. There is hardly any plus where they are not presen. They are also there in the form of big-big air-balloons neon signs, posters and handbills. Wherever you go they stare at you in a very attractive and inviting fashion.

Advertising is an essential part of the business. With cat advertisement, there cannot be any successful business. Carpets of industries, shopkeepers and others spend the huge amount of money on advertisement. All sorts of attractive, new and costly means are adapted to advertise a product. They are a sure method to improve sales and earn big profits. Advertisement in itself has become a big business. It is a billion rupee industry. The profit margins are huge in the business.

Advertisements are a must for a successful business. They increase sales and profits. They help in making a brand image. All big and famous consumer companies spend crores of rupees every year on the advertisement of their products. For this purpose, they hire experts and professionals. Famous film and sports stars are engaged at huge fee in advertisement visuals on TV and in films. Such visuals immediately catch attention of the viewers. They see these advertisements again and again and are forced to buy the concerned products. They. have magic effect on ladies and children. Then they force the elders to buy the products so advertised.

Advertisements are based on human psychology. They appeal the viewers and make them open their purses. They are targeted at a definite audience. They are made in a such a way that people feel their immediate need. Then there are gifts, discounts, etc. Some schemes allowed purchases on installments. On festive occasions like Eid, Christmas etc., they have special appeal.

Advertisements offer a huge choice for the buyers. The customer can select the best item from many to suit his pocket and needs. It also means much competition. In such a situation, the consumer becomes the king. He can buy better products on cheaper rates. It is good for the consumers. He can select things to his liking at an affordable price.

But advertisements make a choice difficult and confusing. When there is an item of the same quality and standard at almost the same price from many companies, selection becomes difficult. Sometimes a consumer is swept away by a false and attractive advertisement. He may go for an inferior item and be a loser. The sellers make false and tali promise to lure the simple buyers. They make false guarantees and later put the customers in difficulty. Consumer courts are full of many complaints. The sellers often sell poor quality and spurious items with the help of big and costly advertisements.

In this age of advertisements, a buyer has to be very cautious. He has to be an intelligent and well-informed customer to have value for his money. Now, buying is not as simple as it used to be a decade ago. The arrival of multinational companies has further added to the confusion. One has to exercise a lot of wisdom in making a buying decision.

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