Values Are to Be Discovered Rather Than Taught Essay

By | June 9, 2019

Values are to be discovered rather than taught, amplify and illustrate, preferably from your experience


  • A man blessed with divine energy
  • The consciousness of our latent powers
  • Values are discovered not taught
  • Miracles after realizing infinite powers
  • The supreme object of education
  • The power of Enthusiasm
  • Work, the strongest of moral tonics
  • Self control, strength of will in trial
  • The advantages of defeat
  • Divine force in our nature

Man is blessed with divine energy. He is given the Attributes of God in an underdeveloped condition. His latent possibilities are very vast. They are to be discovered. Yes, God is great but your call should be, every Muslim is great. Every Muslim is free. When we dive deep into the sea of life and strive day and night to achieve this goal, we will discover a new vista of life. We will begin to fly higher and higher on the wings of aspirations. We will begin to warm ourselves with radiant rays of desire. Sense of responsibility will be born in us. It will enkindle us to act. We will never sit still. Let us discover our latent possibilities. When we will do this task, we shall find this world a strange world.

Let us discover ourselves. We shall see that we are surrounded by infinite power. We are born to win. We are freedom lovers. We are not here to dream, to wander. We are here to remove poverty, disease and ignorance. We are the light of God in the darkness of world. We are here to make mankind free from the clutches of the capitalists. We are here to ban, for good, all colour and caste. When we will be drenched with the luster of the chief aim of life, we will discover our true “self” And when we will discover our true “self” we find infinite power in our-self. We shall be able to glorify “ought” into “can”. No obstacle will stand in our way. Difficulties and obstacles flee as fog and gloom vanish when the sun rises.”

It is admitted fact that values are discovered and not taught. God brings man into hot water, not to drown him but to cleanse him. He thinks and discovers ways and means how to conquer nature.’When man brings his infinite powers into play, he begins to gain victory over nature. Man discovers the properties of things by persistent efforts and thus attains prosperity. He spends his days and night in discovering physical law that governs over nature. He becomes a powerful man, here if he uses his power to establish. Right and to demolish might in world, then he discovers his spiritual values, and if he uses, this power for self-preservation, his animal spirit is exposed. Wisdom dawns upon him. In the light of wisdom he copes with difficulties and obstacles and conquers them. His latent possibilities spring out. It is the ideal, which modifies the character and shapes the life. It influences motive, colour, and action and determines destiny. The whole life points toward the ideal. If that is low, the life points downward, of high, it aspires.[the_ad id=”17141″]

The supreme object of education and culture is to develop man into a balanced personality. The properly educated youth will naturally express in his life the principles of the golden rule. He will see that the highest good lies in mutual reciprocity. An education, which does not bring sweetness and light, harmony and power into the life, is no education at all. It fails to discover higher values in man.

We cannot understand why the boy who was at the foot of our class in college has distanced us in the greater life race, for he did not have half the ability we possessed. The very consciousness of being dull and stupid has spurred many a boy to make the most of what little abilities are; he makes great efforts and develops his talent.

We often find that boys, who have educated themselves without schooling or teachers, make the most vigorous thinkers. They may not be quite as polished or cultivated in some ways, but they have something better than polish, and that is mental vigour, originality of method, and independence. They do not lean upon their schooling or depending upon their diplomas. Necessity has been their teacher, and they have been forced to act for themselves and be practical. They know little of theories, but they know what will work. They have gained power by solving their own problems. Such self-educated, self-made men carry. weight in their communities because they are men of power and think vigorously and strongly.

Enthusiasm is essential to kindle sleeping powers. It enables him to overleap obstacles. It spurns to face with difficulties. It stimulates his latent energies. It multiplies ability and often takes the place of talent. It discovers unknown possibilities in man.[the_ad id=”17142″]

So long as animal conditions taste sweet to a man, he cannot aspire. But when their sweetness turns to bitterness then in his sorrow he thinks of nobler things. Here he comes to know that evil brings disgrace and dishonor. Here his dormant possibility of doing virtuous deeds is discovered. It is when impurity turns to suffering that purity is sought. Truly aspiration raises, phoenix-like, from the dead ashes of repentance. Here man can reach the heaven of heavens on its powerful opinions. If the man constantly renews his mind with glimpses of the heavenly vision, he will reach the heavenly state.

Man attains in the measure that he aspires. A man can experience and know all things, so he can experience and know all low and high things. As he has become human, so he can cultivate divine attributes in himself.
Work is the best birthright which man still retains. It is the strongest of moral tonics. It is the most vigorous of mental medicines. All nature shows us something analogous to this. The standing pool stagnates into pestilence the running stream is pure. The very earth we tread, the very air we breathe, would be unwholesome but for the agitating force of the wind and the sea.

In the balmy and enervating regions where Nature furnishes man in prodigal luxuriance with the means of life, he sinks into a despicable and nerveless lassitude. But man is at his noblest and his best in those regions where he has to wrestle with the great forces of nature for his daily bread.

Why plenty of Nature breeds a cowardly man?

Why the paucity of Nature kneads a lordly man?

Here no silken stringed guitar, here no silver studded lute

Here the drum of war here the dagger keen and acute,

Here faith and Freedom, here one God one Man!

Here no colour no caste, here no creed no clan

It is paucity of Nature, where marshal values are revealed. It is poverty that excites man to act and create a new world. Here when you get up every morning and have something to do that day which must be done whether you like it or not. Being forced to work and forced to do your best will breed in you temperance, self-control, diligence, strength of will, content and a hundred other virtues which the idles never know. Habit of hard work has given stability and meaning to our national life. It has been the salvation of our poorer classes. It discovers the sleepy possibilities of many a poor man,

[the_ad id=”17150″]When great difficulties arise, and troubles best, regard your perplexity as a call to deeper thought and more vigorous action. Nothing will attack you that you are not capable of overcoming. No problem will vex you that you cannot solve. The greater your trial, the greater your test of strength. You will exercise your powers to the utmost. You will bring out all your latent skill, energy and resource.

Many a one has, finally succeeded only because one failed after repeated efforts. If he had never met defeat he would never have known any great victory. There is something in defeat, which puts new determination into a man of mettle. It arouses him to do his best. A great many people never really discover themselves until ruin stares them in the face. They do not seem to know how to bring out their reserves until they are overtaken by an overwhelming disaster. The wreck of their homes and happiness stirs them to the very center of their beings.

Young men who never amounted to much, when suddenly overtaken by some great sorrow or loss or other misfortune, have developed an ability to grapple with the difficulty. The very desperation of the situation spurred them on to do what they would not have thought possible in their former ease and luxury. They had never touched their power before and did not know their strength until the emergency came.[the_ad id=”17144″]

Many boys who were brought up in luxury and ease and had no practical training are suddenly thrown upon their resources by the death of their fathers. This crisis, which confronts them, calls out their reserve and develops independence and power of self-effort.

There is certainly something in our nature. It is a divine force, which we cannot describe or explain. It does not seem to inhere in any of our ordinary faculties but lies deeper than any visible attribute. It rushes to our assistance in greater emergencies. When death or danger threatens in railroad or steamship accidents, how often we see men, and sometimes-frail women, exert the power of giants in their efforts to extricate him or her from the impending peril! In disasters and sea, during great fires or floods, how often have delicate girls and women performed Herculean tasks?

It is the locked up spiritual force within us. It makes men strong and noble. It stamps humanity with the divine reality. The man who uses all the resources that the divine power has implanted within him cannot fail. There is no failure for the man who realizes his power. There is no failure for the determined endeavour.

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