Morality Is Behaving as You Have Been Brought to Behave Essay

By | June 9, 2019


  • The silent power of love is the mightiest force
  • The expressions of a sensitive face
  • The ability to turn the common water into delicious wine
  • The magic of a soothing mind Selfishness is self-destruction
  • To give hope to a disheartened soul
  • Examine your own expression

The noiseless sunbeam, the silent dewdrop, the unheard chemical processes in nature, which are unfolding the germs of great future possibilities, are infinitely more powerful and beneficial in their ultimate results than the tornado or the lightning. The mightiest force in the world is the silent power of love. The scolding woman, who is forever nagging and finding fault, has not a tithe of the power over man or in the home as the sweet-tempered, patient loving one, for the latter transforms the brute forces in the entire family into sweet humanities.

One bad-tempered girl or women has ruined not only the peace and comfort of many a home but also that of an entire neighborhood. If there is any pitiable person in the world it is the possessor of an uncontrolled temper. Every physician knows that irritability, an uncontrolled temper not only shortens life but also becomes outlined upon the body. A bad temper is a beauty killer. It will soon transform the most charming face into an ugly and repulsive face. Physiologists and physicians say that the sensitive face is the first to record any disturbance or irritation in the nervous system. Nerve energy is spent in every such indulgence in ill temper. The eyes betray it in the loss of luster.[the_ad id=”17141″]

The flabby muscles show it. The telltale wrinkles reveal the internal conditions which cause them. If there is one thing that a man prizes more than anything else it is harmony physical and mental comfort. Permanent peace makes the ideal home for the average man, and a bad temper which is likely to explode at the slightest irritation is almost as dangerous to the safety of the household as the presence of gunpowder would be.

We all know remarkable people who have the wonderful faculty of turning the common water of life into the most delicious wine. Some people turn everything they touch into vinegar. others into honey. There is something in the mechanism of some minds, which seems to transmute the most somber hues into the most gorgeous tints. Their presence is a tonic, which invigorates the system and helps one to bear his burdens. Their entrance into the home is like the coming of the sun after a long, dark night. They radiate joy and harmony. Their smile acts upon one like magic, and dispels all the fog and gloom and despair. They seem to raise manhood and womanhood to a higher power. Selfishness is self-destruction. The man who never helps anybody, who tightly shuts his purse when there is a request to give, who says that all he can do is to attend to his own affairs, who never gives a thought to his neighbour, who hugs all his resources to himself, who wants to get all and give nothing in return, is the man who shrivels and dries up like the rose-bud, and who becomes small, mean and contemptible.

We all know those poor dwarfed souls who never give. They close the petals of their helpfulness. They withhold the fragrance of their love and sympathy. They are cold, lifeless. All their sympathies have dried up. They cannot enter into the higher and nobler emotions of human life. Their souls have been frozen by selfishness and greed. They have become so narrow and stingy that they fear to give even a kind word or smile lest they may rob themselves of something.[the_ad id=”17142″]

The habit of doing well broadens and ennobles life. It makes character beautiful. Let us help somebody every day. Let us drop a little word of encouragement here and there, to a newsboy, a waiter in a hotel, a conductor on a bus, a toiler in your home or your office, a poor unfortunate man or a woman in a wretched home. This is the sort of giving that returns to us with compound interest.

Everywhere we go, we find opportunities for this sort of giving. Everywhere we find someone who needs encouragement. Everywhere we find someone whose heart is breaking under a heavy load. Everywhere we find someone who needs a life. We can never tell what glorious fruitage the seed of the most trivial act of kindness may produce. Many a’heart has been cheered simply by a smile from a stranger. A look of sympathy, an expression of desire to help, a warm grasp of the hand has brought back hope and courage to many a disheartened soul. A kind letter, a word of encouragement has been the turning points in the career of many a person on the verge of despair.

What unhappy kind of expression do you wear habitually? Is it sour, morose, repellant? Is it a mean, uncharitable, intolerant expression? Do you wear the expression of a bulldog, a grasping, greedy, hungry expression, which indicates an avaricious nature? Do you go about among your employees or associates with a thunder cloud expression, a melancholy, hopeless look on your face? Do you wear the sunshine expression, which radiates a feeling of good will? Do people smile and look happier when you approach them or do they shrink from you.

It makes all the difference in the world to you and to those whom you influence what kind of expression you wear.

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