Humour as a Panacea for Long Life Essay

By | June 16, 2019


  • Humour is the greatest medicine of the mind
  • Joyous people are longest-lived
  • Redeeming feature of light plays
  • Humour making us physically and mentally strong
  • Grim faces of children
  • A priceless gift

The humor has the power of unlocking the faculties, loosening the tongue, to make us speak with the gift of prophecy. The faculty of humor was given us to be developed as much as the faculty for earning a living. The universality of fun-loving shows its importance. It is as much our duty to develop the mirth-loving facility as the mathematical or language faculty. It is the great medicine of the mind the great uplifter and lubricator. It is wonderful how the cultivation of the habit of enjoying things will transform the whole life. Great healthy natures are always fun loving.

Joyous people are not only the happiest but the longest-lived, the most useful and the most successful. This little strain of human nature is a normal, natural lubricant, which oils life’s machinery, and relieves that jar and grinding of the bearings, which prematurely wear away so mány lives. I think. Cheerfulness in every possible way. I hung prisms in my windows to fill the room with rainbows. This is the right kind of philosophy, the great medicine of the mind, and the best tonic for the body.

The habit of looking on the sunny side, the laughter side of the ludicrous side of things, is a fortune in itself. I would rather be a millionaire of cheerfulness and sunshine than of dollars.[the_ad id=”17141″]

A good laugh does away with cares, worries, and doubt and relieves the great strain of modern life. Dr. Johnson says: “A man should spend part of his time with the laughter’s.” One of the redeeming features of light plays is that people, temporarily at least forget the serious side of life and learn to laugh. It is a perpetual balm to the hurts of the world. The wearer of smiles and the bearer of a kindly disposition needs no introduction but is welcomed everywhere.

There is nothing wanted so much in the world as sunshine and the greatest wealth is a cheerful, helpful disposition. This is richness, which blesses not only the possessor but also everyone with whom she associates.

Everybody is rich who knows or comes in contact with the millionaire of good cheer, and the more he gives of his wealth, the more it multiplies. It is like the seed put into the soil, the more one sows, and the greater the harvest.

“Do not look on life through a smoked glass.”

There is no doubt that exercise is very conducive to health and long life but cheerfulness beats. Exercise makes us physically strong but humour makes us not only physically strong but also mentally strong. So cheerfulness is more effective than exercise. So under these conditions, I shall choose the humour as a remedy for long life.

What is sad thing it is to go into the slums and see sober, anxious looks upon the faces of many children, who ought to be all sunshine. Joy has been crushed out of their lives. If the child were only brought up it with the idea that the principal thing in life is to be cheerful under all circumstances, it would soon revolutionize our civilization.

A great many people never let to be hearty. If children get a little boisterous, they are hushed. Their lives are suppressed in sad, serious home until they almost lose the power of spontaneous laughter.

How glad we all are to welcome a sunny soul! We are never too busy to see him. There is nothing we welcome so much as sunshine.

It is a priceless gift to be able to possess a calm, serene, sweet soul which soothers, enriches, which is a perpetual balm to the hurts of the world. These souls reassure us. We seem to touch power and sympathy when in trouble. They breathe a medical balm that soothes the wounds and hurts of the heart.

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