First Deserve, Then Desire Essay

By | June 7, 2019


  • Man’s countless desires
  • The sure way to acquire the desire Reciprocal process
  • The need for self-criticism
  • Laziness, lack of judgment, incorrect understanding of values lead to disappointment

Our desires have no end and they are also innumerable in kind. Our mind flitters from one wish to another as a careless bee from one blossom to another, without realizing the futility and the foolishness of riding on the wings of fancy. People expect good luck to accost them at every turn of life. And when fortune obstinately refuses to meet them, they feel bitterly disappointed and angry at fate for being so unjust.

Money, love, power, popularity, beauty and peace are the objects most universally desired by man. But none of these covetable blessings has ever come to a man until he deserved it through endless effort. Men who have been fortune’s favorites are so few that they can be counted as an exception to the rule. When a man comes to possess one of the crowns of life, others instead of envying him ought to inquire what a heavy cross he had to bear for it.[the_ad id=”17141″]

A man becomes rich if he undertakes backbreaking labour and sweats for earning an extra penny. To receive love, one must learn to love by cultivating the noblest virtues of sacrifice, self-denial and endurance. Power will reside only in a man who has both the integrity of character and merit that is productive. Popularity can be maintained at a high price. And that price consists of character, kindness and unselfish service to others. Beauty is more an outcome of care and culture than a sheer gift of Nature. One enjoys spiritual serenity when suffering have purified one’s soul. Happiness of our life is not a lost button that we can look for it under the table and behind the door. One has to strive steadily towards realizing whatever he ardently wishes for.

A sensible person must make a self-analysis and assess how much he deserves the thing he desires. The man, who knows what his particular duty is and performs his own part with due care and respect, is never denied the sweet fruits of his toil. When one of two students comes out with flying colours and the other fares poorly, we should not blame luck for being treacherous. For thorough and regular work is sure to achieve its reward.

Besides laziness, there are other defects in a man’s character and temperament, which may offset his success in life. Lack of calm judgment, the patience to follow a tedious plan to its end, and the incorrect understanding of values also cause disappointment to a man otherwise vigilant and hard working. So instead of attributing failures to reasons outside, one must seek to discover them in one’s own self in one’s errors and weaknesses.

“Knock the door and it will be opened to you”, said Jesus Christ to his disciples. And this gospel holds the truth of all times, that when we have put forth our best effort and proved ourselves deserving, no gift will be withheld from our extended hands.

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