Essay on Fears in Life – How to Conquer Your Fears?

By | June 9, 2019

Men never really overcome fear until they imagine they are fighting to further a universal purpose fighting for an idea as they call it.


  • Habit of expecting the best from life
  • A man lit with universal purpose
  • The belief of right track
  • The habit of looking up and its miracles
  • Our chief want in life
  • The men with low aim in life
  • The ideal modifying the character and shapes the life
  • The great object of education
  • Fear, one of the greatest enemy of the human race
  • Purity of mind

An infinite benefit comes from forming the habit of expecting the best of life for high ideal. Let a man soar upwards on the wings of aspiration, he will feel an infinite power within himself. The idea of high aim will enkindle him to encourage. Fear will flee from him. He will not go about with an expression of discontent on his face. The man who warms himself with. radiant rays of universal purpose is free from worries and fear. He broadens his position. He has an art of stretching his mind with ever-great expectations.

No one can accomplish anything great in this world that is contented with little. When a man is lit with universal purpose, he becomes a fearless man. It is he who in the name of God rules over land and sea. A man who expects great things of him is constantly trying to open a little wider doors of his narrow life. He has enough of the divine disposition within him to spur him on to nobler endeavors. He looks to get the best of the things offered to him.
The man who is fighting for a cause is a great man. He obeys the laws of the persistent industry. He is blessed with power to transmute common things into gold. He has a power akin to that of the Creator.[the_ad id=”17141″]

No man can see the goal at the beginning. Even when he crosses the line in the race he can see only a few steps ahead. He is not guided by a star in the distance, which beckons him on, but rather by lantern, which he carries in his hand. This lantern illumines but a short way in advance, just enough to enable him to take the next step with certainty and without fear. Beyond that all is shrouded in mist. But as he travels on, lantern never fails him.
When we are sure that we are on the right road there is no need to burden ourselves with doubts and fears, we must disarm the obstacles that may bar our progress.

Here man shuns fear because it weakens thinking power. Fear abolishes peace and harmony. It destroys health and efficiency. Mind does not create effectively when it is labouring under doubt. So how a man who is fighting for a great cause can be a victim of fear. He shuns fear. He believes that faith moves mountains.

Nothing else so strengthens the mind, enlarges the manhood, and widens the thought as the constant effort to measure up to high ideal, to struggle after that which is above and beyond. No matter what your worth may be or what you may do, put your ideal into it. Be sure there is an upward tendency in it. How quickly we can distinguish the aspiring from the groveling mind. There is an indescribable charm about the person who has formed a habit of looking up. There is superiority in everything he does. No matter, whether he is a political man or a blacksmith.

Did ever a man try heroism, magnanimity and truth, sincerely and find that there was no advantage in them that it was a vain endeavor. Most of us build stonewalls around ourselves by our low ideals, unnatural living. The stones in these walls are made of worry, anxiety and trouble. We build these walls about us so high that they shut out the sunlight and we live in perfect darkness. No man can see over the wall, which he erects around himself.[the_ad id=”17142″]

Our chief want in life is to set up real society, which doubles our latent possibilities and saves us from failure and disappointment. Such an ideal atmosphere will elevate and sublimate mankind. Such an ideal atmosphere will be free from worries and fears. There will be no fears of hunger. There will be no fear of necessities of life. Who can create such a mighty state of equality of all? Think over it and it will dawn upon you that it is they only who drenched with great ideal life can throw away fear and doubt. Fear does not come near them.

Such an ideal atmosphere produces great men of self-confidence who can glorify “ought” into “can”. Fear does not come near such men because doubt is always afraid of self-confidence. He is afraid of vigorous ambition. Such men never harbour a doubt or fear. They hold positive and creative conviction. They believe that they can do, what they want to do. They do not allow negative thoughts to upset their plan or to destroy their programme.
The men who have low aim in life they are slaves to passions. They cannot think correctly. Fear paralyzes their mental processes. Worrying thoughts weaken the muscles. It clouds their vision. Every time they are discouraged. Fear and gloom attack them. Worry cripples their efforts. It unites them to go ahead. They should cast it off otherwise it will destroy their health and efficiency.

The ideal, it is the aim, which modifies the character and shapes the life. It influences motives, colours and actions. It determines destiny. The whole life points towards the ideal, if. low, the life points downward, if high, it aspires.

The leading aim will change the face to suit it. It will look out of the manner. It will speak from the bearing. We radiate our purpose from every pore. Our ideal infuses a high spirit in us. The great object of education and culture is to eliminate the brute nature and to develop the real man. To attain this object, everything depends upon choosing a high ideal at the very outset of life. To look constantly to a high ideal is the only thing that eliminates fear. Manhood is the only plant, which thrives only in the sunshine of the soul. Its blossoms are chilled in a narrow, sordid, selfish atmosphere. The fruits of selfishness will surely kill the blossoms of perfection.[the_ad id=”17150″]

Fear is one of the greatest enemies of the human race. It carries gloom and unhappiness with it. We can conquer it. If you are moody or if you have a habit of worrying or fretting about things, go and do your best cast off fear. Bear in mind that everything, which depresses or arouses violent passions is a waster of mental force. No man who is at the mercy of his moods is a free man. He only is free who is not slave to his passions. And it is he who fights for a great cause is not a slave to passions. He who is not a slave to passions is a brave man.

Having laid our foundations, namely, ‘Right Belief’ and ‘Determination of Purpose’, we must examine ourselves. Bear in mind that Purity is power and he who stands with a clean record and flies with the wings of aspiration is a strong hero. His unafraid look that marks the pure in heart. He is on the High Road to victory. Honour waits upon him. Glory already shines around him. Without Purity, there can be no personality. Therefore let the tempted consider what an awful price they must pay if they yield. Let the hesitating hesitate no longer, but gird himself for the Holy War. Let the weak, the one who fears his strength is not sufficient. He takes heart and courage for if his desire is towards purity. Let the pure rejoice in his purity. Let him lift his heart not. He is in a position to hold out clean, strong, Godlike hand to the weak and tempted, to the suffering and the tired. And even to touch his hands will mean they shall live, with the power of a pure man? Who can measure it? It is omnipotent! It is divine. It is the high Road to success.

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