Essay on A Cultured Man

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  • Humbleness
  • Avoiding of taking unfair means
  • Clear-headed and optimistic
  • The wealth of fine character
  • Cultured man has a generous heart and high ideals
  • His perseverance against troubles
  • Harmonizing between soul and body
  • The value of investing in kindness and sympathy

A cultured man is he who never inflicts pain. He is mainly occupied in merely removing the obstacles, which hinder the free. He radiates joy and sunshine. He dispels fog and gloom. The true gentleman carefully avoids whatever may cause a jar or a jolt in the minds of those with whom he is cast. He has his eyes on all his company. He is tender towards the absurd. He guards against unreasonable allusions or topics, which may irritate. He is seldom prominent in conversation and never wearisome. He makes light of favor while he does them, and seems to be receiving when he is conferring. He never speaks of himself except when compelled. He never defends himself by a mere retort. He has no ear for slander or gossip. He is scrupulous in imputing motives to those who interfere with him, and interprets everything for the best. He is never mean or little in his disputes. He never takes unfair advantage.

[the_ad id=”17141″]From a long-sighted prudence, he observes the maxim of the ancient sage. He is patient, forbearing and resigned. He submits to pain, because it is inevitable. He submits to bereavement because it is irreparable. He submits to death because it is his destiny. He may be right or wrong in his opinion, but he is too clear-headed to be unjust. He is as simple as forcible and as brief as he is decisive. He respects piety and devotion. He honors the ministers of religion. He is friend of religious toleration and that, not only because his philosophy has taught him to look on all forms of faith with an impartial eye, but also from gentleness and effeminacy of feeling. A cultured man possesses a sunny heart and a mind which is cheerful hopeful and sympathetic. He is engrossed in cultivating soul beauty, beauty that is more than skin deep. It is an expression of spirit which time cannot tarnish or erase. It is beauty, which enriches everybody who comes in contact with him.

Who can estimate the real wealth, which inheres in a fine character? These fine characters carry sunshine wherever they go. No gloom or discouragement can ever exist in their presence. Everything coarse and brutal flees before them as darkness and gloom before the rising sun. The greatest blessing possible to mortals is the sweetness in life, which radiates from a fine and exquisite personality. All other things fade before it. Its touch is like magic to win friendship, influence and power.

There is something better than putting money into the pocket, and that is putting beauty and love into the life. Rich man hugs their gold, and yet their possibilities of beauty and grandeur of character have never been developed. But what shall this life struggle mean if the beautiful side, the tender side is never to be developed?[the_ad id=”17142″]

The cultured man is a man of character. He possesses a generous heart and high ideals, which brighten up the path before him and guide him. He knows by instinct that knowledge is power and is a means of attaining moral perfection. He faces all the storm and stress of life with a strong heart and gets the best out of troubles that surround him. Temptation only serve to. strengthen him the more he suffers, the more sympathetic he grows. The reason is the law of his life and his greatest passion is to do well. He prefers honor to everything and knows his own duties. He does not worry about material gains and in moments of struggle he behaves like a man inspired, following with determined calmness, the principle of right action. Another wonderful combination of qualities in him is that though he meets stormy circumstances with a stormy strength, yet he is peace-loving and fond of homely pleasures. Life is full of adversity of activities and he carefully chooses the task of his own life and then tries his best to achieve it in spite of all. dangers and obstacles He is above praise and above blame and he is always true to himself. He has confidence in himself and trusts in God. He grasps the realities of life. He is not merely a philosopher, thinker or an abstract theorist. He is a practical thinker. He works and wins.

Man is not a brute. To draw in and blow out breath, and to eat and drink, is not living. A man cannot live by bread alone. The aesthetic faculties, the aspiring instincts in a well-developed man are ever more important in their demands for the true and the beautiful, for the higher and the nobler, than is the body for material food. It is as natural for the soul to aspire as it is for a blade of grass of a tree to grow upward.[the_ad id=”17150″]

“What is man,

It is the chief good and market of his time

Be but to sleep and feed? A beast no more

Sure he that make us with such large discourse

Looking before and after, gave us no

That capability To rust in is unused.”

When we see a boy or girl seizing every spare moment for self-improvement, we are confident that they mean to gather riches, which will not take wings. Wherever we see the disposition to make the most of one’s self, to let no opportunity to add to one’s self-culture pass, we feel sure that there we will find good returns, great wealth of character, of manhood or womanhood in the future.

Is there anything grander in this world than to see a young person who is bent upon self-enrichment? Is there anything more sublime in this world than to see a young person who is trying to make his life broader and sweeter and cleaner and truer, which is trying to be more of a man or more of a woman everyday?

There is nothing impoverishing in the process of self-enrichment. If you are investing in helpfulness, in kindness, in usefulness, in sympathy, in a longing to help everybody whom you come in contact, your life is growing richer and sweeter everyday.

This is the kind of riches that endures of wealth that last. These are riches that fire cannot burn up, flood cannot wash away, which panic cannot affect. It is a part of manhood. It is like gold, which no fire can consume or chemicals annihilate. Abuse cannot tarnish it. This is true wealth, which is possessed by a self-cultured man.

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