Value of Early Rising Essay in English

By | May 12, 2019

Most of the living creatures except man are early risers. The birds begin to chirp at the break of the day. They know that early bird catches the worms. They are busy from dawn to dust. The animals bend their steps towards meadows and pastures. They are obedient to laws of nature. But the case with man. The lord of creation, is otherwise.

The villagers believe in the saying.

‘Lie down with the lamb and rise with the lark’.

They live under the benign influence of nature. Most of them are stout and healthy. Work is a great blessing for them. They earn their bread with the sweat of their brow. The women folk work with men and render helping hand. They also feed the population and the industries.

In comparison to the rustics, the urbanites, the people living in cities are dull and lethargic. They do not know the value of early rising. Their life is stagnant and un-natural. Various entertainments and engagements keep them awake till mid-night. These faulty habits are the cause of many ills. Early to bed and early to raise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. Most of them turn deaf ears to the wise saying. Only the pious respond to the call of Maozzins (call of morning prayer). [the_ad id=”17141″]

Everybody must form a habit of early rising. It gives a good start to the days’ work. An early riser can do all his works in time. He has not to hurry through. Hurry makes curry. Early rising is conducive to health. The morning fresh air is a tonic for him. Beginning early, he can finish the day’s work before time and can take exercise. It keeps him active and smart throughout the day. The early riser has little worries. The mind is fresh, Particularly, it is good for students. After spending good day, he has time for some amusements. He enjoys good rest, by retiring to bed early. A person of principles also has ‘beauty sleep’. Next morning, he again gets up fresh for the day’s work.

The late riser is a loser in every respect. He/she misses the fresh air of the morning. Being late, he is behind the schedule in everything. His life is full of hurries and worries. He is rather dull and sluggish. A bad start makes a bad finish. He has no time for exercise and amusements. Late supper and late retirement to bed, have bad effects on his health. There is little contentment in the life of a late riser.

Some people have the habit of working late in the night. They burn mid-night oil. They think that the silence of the night can bring good results. It is free from disturbance and distractions. It may be correct in some cases. In the long run, it has determined effects on body and mind. Sitting lale means rising late. It is not a healthy habit. In conclusion, it is wise to keep the famous English saying in view:

‘To rise at six and to sup at six, makes a man to live six times six.”

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