Urdu as Medium of Instructions – English Essay

By | May 13, 2019

Every country has its national language. It is the symbol of freedom, national identity and unity. Urdu is our National Language. It has been the battering ram for instilling political awakening and love for freedom among the Muslims of Indo-Pakistan. It is the embodiment of national aspirations, achievements and ideals. Urdu is the custodian of our national heritage and culture – Islamic culture. The national anthem in Urdu inspires all these qualities.

Urdu, in fact, is synonymous with Pakistan movement. It spread the message of Muslim freedom through out the length and breath of undivided India. It has been a help-mate to the regional languages. Urdu has played and continues to play a unifying role among the people. It can rightly be called lingua-frinca of Indo- Pakistan. If Urdu is to find its rightful place in the country, it must be made medium of instructions at the various stages and all levels of education.

No educational system can succeed and progress without national language as the recognized medium of teaching. Japan has switched over to Japanese after II Great War. Sri-Lanka has made Singles compulsory for all. The people, predominantly were English speaking. Both the countries have gained by introducing their national languages as medium of instructions. Japan had China have made wonderful progress. Why can’t we follow the example? [the_ad id=”17141″]

The craze for English must go. It is a sign of mental servitude. It has resulted in cultural suicide. English has created sense of superiority among the higher strata of society. No doubt English is indispensable for higher studies in science and technology. But to teach the K.G. and Primary kids through English medium is like giving them stones instead of breads, They don’t understand the sense. They can not digest what they are taught. The practice must stop. English medium may be introduced only after lower secondary.

Like the national constitution, National Language is also necessary for national progress and unity. Urdu is rich in vocabulary. It is sweet and easy to learn. It has produced great men of letters and thinkers like Sir Syed, Ali Brothers and Allama Iqbal. It plays a major role in journalism. It is – understood and spoken all over the country. It is also the main instrument of business communication in the country.

Only Urdu College is a recognized institution for teaching through Urdu. But experience has shown that more than 75% students answer their papers in Urdu. At the official level, the fate of national language is still undecided. It has fallen a victim to regional attacks. Some have even discarded Urdu at the Assembly level. It is height of regionalism-the greatest enemy of national unity in Pakistan.

The issue of Urdu Medium is not a sentimental cry; nor it is a language of a particular group. It has become a part and parcel of Muslim culture and heritage in the sub-continent. It has played a great role in Muslim renaissance in Indo-Pakistan. Students can learn better and quicker through Urdu medium. They can give good response in the classes and achieve good results in the exams.

It is the dire need of time. It will produce collective thinking, inspire love for mutual tolerance and forge national unity if we patronize national language in all the walks of life.

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