Tourism in Pakistan Essay in English

By | May 11, 2019


“I am part of all what I have seen.”


Tours and travels have great educative value. They break the monotony of life and bring change in life. Change is a fundamental need of life. They open new treasures of nature and bring in contact with people of various creeds and cultures. A widely traveled person has a fund of general knowledge and becomes man of the world.

Very few countries can offer so rich variety to the tourists as Pakistan. Pakistan has a separate Tourist Department to welcome, accommodate and guide the tourists. It provides suitable literature and information to foreign tourists. Tourism can be made a flourishing business after some improvements in transport and boarding and lodging arrangements. Presently these facilities are handled and provided by · private organizations. Sri Lanka (Ceylon) offers the best tourist services in the east through government management.

Pakistan Tourists Deptt. has its offices in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and Abbottabad. Well-to-do people generally go out for excursions and pleasures trips during spring or end of the summer to Murree Ayubia, Swat, Northern areas, Kaghan, Narayan and Ziarat because winters are very cold and roads are blocked due to snowfall. There are no regular tourists transport services. People have to travel by buses mini-buses and jeeps. Hotels and motels provide reasonable lodging and boarding.

A large number of foreign tourists visits Pakistan all the year round. Pakistan’s historical places and natural scenes and sights attract the foreigners who know how to make the best out of life. The Asians particularly Japanese and Australians, men and Women come for study tours and sightseeing, and hiking during the summer months. The Europeans who can not bear the severe summers, visit the tourist’s spots during cool months. They leave their kits in holes and go out for hiking, tracking and mountain climbing. [the_ad id=”17141″]

The worth seeing historical places and sights are Bambore, Mukli, Thatta, the Lahore. Fort, the Shalimar, Jahangir’s tombs, Taxila and Khaybar pass. Mohanjo-Daro and Harrapa in Sindh are the oldest centers of civilizations, Old historical treasures and relics have been preserved in the Museum of Lahore, the city of gardens.

Pakistan is the land of mighty mountains, roaring murmuring rivers, lush green fields and meadows, sparkling springs and sappy woods, dangerous ditches and grisly glaciers, fruit orchids and alpine trees. God has blessed Pakistan with natural bounties.

The picnic sports at Karachi seashore, the historical sights in Sindh, the historical city of Lahore and the beautiful capital Islamabad with colorful flowers, offer good change for the tourists. For a good feast to the eyes and to cool the mind, they can visit Swat, the land of shy, pretty damsels, Kaghan valley full of green verdure, mountain- ribboned glacier lake the Saif-ul-Mulk, Nigam valley, the land of smiling colorful flowers and the Hunza overlooking K-2 and Rakhapshi.

PIA can take you to Swat, Gilgit, and Islamabad. Tourist can visit Birds sanctuary at Kalabagh and enjoy fishing trout at various spots along the Kunar river. Camera shooters can travel by the Karakorum Road and enrich their albums. Pakistan is tourists Paradise, come and enjoy.

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