Short Essay on Simple Living

By | May 10, 2019

To live on meeting basic needs and to avoid unnecessary spending is called simple living. simplicity may be adopted in everything, for example, in food and drinking, in living, in marriages, in joys and sorrows and avoiding useless traditions is also simplicity.

The life of our Holy Prophet (SAW) was an example of simplicity. He (SAW) preached simplicity to people and he himself used to practice it. His (SAW) eating habits were also simple. He (SAW) never used to take food while lying or reclining. He (SAW) used to take bread made of whole wheat generally he used to eat bread with one dish food. He (SAW) used to take very light meals often he lived on a few dates or a small quantity of milk.

He (SAW) never used the gold or silver utensils for his meals. He prohibited the use of gold or silver utensil, to his ‘Muslim Ummat also. The.dress of our beloved Prophet (SAW) was also simple. Often he used to wear a shirt, an undergarment and a covering sheet of cloth. He (SAW) used to wear a turban and wore simple shoes. He (SAW) used to wear whatever simple dress was available. He (SAW) never felt small in wearing mended clothes. He never used a dress showing haughtiness or pride. He also prohibited his ‘Ummat’ the wearing of showy dress.

He said:

“The one who wears dress to show off his pride, Allah shall make him wear a disgraceful dress on the Doomsday.”

Our Holy Prophet (SAW) took up simplicity in his life, he did his daughter’s Nikah and marriage in a very simple manner. He got Nikah ceremony of his daughter Hazrat Fatima (RA) celebrated in the ‘Masjid’. Hazrat Ali (RA) bought a few important household items for marriage, the Mahr of Hazrat Fatima (RA) was very little and both were married in a simple manner. We should follow our beloved Prophet (SAW) and adopt simplicity in all our affairs.

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