Role of Students in Society Essay

By | May 12, 2019

We are responsible for others and to others. Once we realize this, there shall be paradise on earth’, says Dostoevsky.

The words of the Russian writer contain universal truth. Everybody in society has to play his/her part. The role of students is no less important. Individually and collectively all are responsible for the good and welfare of the society.

The more enlightened and educated are the members of the society, the better they can fulfill their responsibilities and perform their duties. They contribute to the greatest good of the greatest number. They believe in the saying: One for all, and all for one. Once an English statesman remarked:

“Give me young men and women, and I shall make earth and heaven one.”

Students or the youths of today are the citizens of tomorrow. They are supposed to be the pillars of the nation. School is the place where young persons sow the seeds of character. They learn the value of time. They develop sense of punctuality, mutual help and cooperation. Above all, they learn rules of discipline. Strong sense of discipline makes the people cultured and law abiding. They prepare for the future role.

The college and university students are like the sinews of society. They are matured, more responsible and conscious socially and politically. Thus, they can perform their duties and help in developing a healthy tone of the society, Unfortunately, they have developed negative, rather destructive altitudes. They take pleasure in bunking away from the classes, in running truant and in sowing wild oats. They neglect their studies; use unfair means in the examinations and try to pass by hooks or crooks. They forget that they are the future hopes of the country.

Only patriotic, law-abiding and disciplined youths (students) can uplift the society and build the nation. They can contribute to social work in various ways. Instead of wasting energy in regional and political rivalries, they can help in constructive programmes. They can teach the illiterate and take adult classes in the evening. They can help in fighting against social evils. They can do a lot in keeping the city clean, in producing traffic sense among the people. They can render helping hand to the sick, old and poor. They can play the role of second for the police.

Students and teachers can organize village tours during the holidays and vacations. They can form groups, teach the rules of health and hygiene to the villagers. They can play a very good role in village-uplift programmes. The boys can fight on various fronts. The girls students can teach sewing, embroidery and cooking to others. They can enlighten the mothers in looking after their children. They are like light of home. They are educated and carry the light where ever they go.

Students can do a lot for the country, for where there is a will, there is a way. Pakistan expects everybody to do his duty.

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