Quaid E Azam as a Father of Nation Essay

By | May 14, 2019

Apparently, the last decade of the 19th century was very encouraging and an era of great personages, the Indian muslims. Among the great ones from Moulana Hasrat Mohani and Jinnah to Allama, Syed Suleman Nadvi and Allama Shabbir Ahmed Usmani, Sir Agha Khan and Several other persons were born, that became great poets, writers, religious scholars and leaders in the future. It was encouraging due to the umbrella provided by Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, Nawab Mohain-ul-Mulk, Moulana Shibli and Hali, Deputy Nazir Ahmed and Akbar Allahabaddi, etc. But it was also a period of great trial and tribulations for the Muslims.

Under such an epoch was born Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the architect of Pakistan. Jinnah saw the light of the day on 25th December, 1876. He was born in a well-to-do Khoja family of Karachi. He received his early education in Karachi Mission School. Then he was admitted into Sindh Madrsa-tul-Islam from where he passed his matriculation in 1895. Afterward he went to England and took his Barrister’s degree from Linchon’s Inn. A

fter completing his education, he came back to India and started law-practice in Bombay. Mr Jinnah was born great, and to rule the hearts of the Indian Muslims. He started his political career as a member of Bombay Legislature. Then he joined Indian National Congress. He was a great champion of freedom for the people of India. When he realized that the congress was a neo- Hindu body and stood for Ram Raj, he resigned and joined the All India Muslim League in 1922. He had been the greatest spokeman of the India Muslims for a separate state for them. [the_ad id=”17141″]

By 1930 he became an undisputed leader of the Muslims. Soon he began to reorganize the Indian Muslim League ali over India. People gave him the title of Quaid-e-Azam for his selfless services for the muslim cause, freedom. He was an intellectual wizard and soon overshadowed the great congresses Gandhi, Jawahar-Lal Nehru. Quaid-e-Azam was man of principles and fought undauntedly single handed against the British and the Indian Congress. He was a great statesman, a seasoned parliamentarian and champion of democracy.

Mr. Jinnah’s integrity of character was beyond reproach. Gandhi called him “an impossible man’, for he would never compromise on principles. He stood like a rock against his opponents. He united the defeated groups of muslims into a force to reckon with. From 1940 (the year of Pakistan Resolution) till his death on 11th September 1948, Quaid-e-Azam worked day and night for strengthening the Muslim League and, for finding the largest muslim country in the world. It was due his untiring efforts and wise leadership that Pakistan came into being. Had there been no Jinnah, there would not hạve been Pakistan. Mr. Jinnah was highly intelligent, highly disciplined, hard-working, supremely self-confident, driven by the dream and drove others. He was the first Governor General Pakistan.

In a message to the people the father of the nation, the Quaid said: ‘God has given you everything. It is up to you to build up Pakistan as fast as possible into strong and prosperous country. Alas! we are still for away from his ideal: Faith, Unity and Discipline.

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