Problems of Living in Big City Essay

By | May 12, 2019

On a demographic basis, people can be divided into two groups- those living in the villages, and the others living in cities. They can be classified as rustics and Urbanites (citizens). In Pakistan, 70% people live’in villages. They are simple, honest, hardworking and free from social vanities.

On the other hand life in cities is full of hustle and bustle, hue and cry, hurry and worries, showy and vain. People are busy to showdown one another. It is a breeding place for crimes, social evils, and problems. The people living in cities like Karachi, Hyderabad, Lahore and Islamabad enjoy better amenities of life. Life is full of glamour, attractions and charms of entertainments. The press, T.V. and Radio keep the citizens well informed.

In spite of all these attractions and charms life in cities is full of great problems and pressures. Take Karachi that has been called a ‘city of Problems. The most annoying and troublesome problems are water problem, transport problem, traffic problems, housing problem, sanitation problem, admission problem, making of long queues for depositing bills and taxes, scarcity of pure foodstuffs, pollution and so on.

This is not an overdrawn picture of the matter. Corruption and bribery have become the order of the day. No respectable person can lead life of principles and uprightness. The students face great problems in admission. Education is sub- standard and very expensive. The government servants think themselves masters and harass the public. The girl students are worst victims of gundaism and vagaries of the opposite sex.

The worst problems are urbanization and pollution. Urbanization is the root cause of many of these problems. Life is full of push and pulls. It has also resulted in increase of crimes.

The people and settlers in kachi abades are a nuisance to the taxpayers. Cost of living increases day by day. Inflation results from growing demand. Shop-keepers are dishonest and adulterate commodities. They fleece the customers.

Accidents take a heavy toll of life. Murders, shooting, stealing, robberies, snatching of cars and ladies purses and kidnapping are the curses of city life. Nowhere life is safe and secure. One does not know what is round the corner. Courtesy, decency, goodness and justice are shy to live in city atmosphere.

Pollution is another life taking problem. Smoke emitting buses and minies, overflowing gutters, insanitation, poisonous gases and waste deposits have created great danger to the life of the people. It is the people who make the country strong. The citizens are mostly corrupt, dishonest and greedy. The pclice implicates and harrasses innocent people and make foul money.

The mainstay and strength are villagers who are badly neglected. Without village-uplift, the country can not progress and prosper.

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