Problem Faced by Middle Class Essay in English

By | May 12, 2019

People in olden days believed in simple living and high thinking. Indeed, simplicity is mark of greatness. They were, in general, more religious minded. Spiritual values had great hold on their minds. Most of them lived with honest earnings, and within their means. There was little social competition.

Now, the very philosophy of life has changed. Simplicity has gone to the wind; very few live by honest earnings. Bribery has become order of the day.

People believe in the saying:

‘Put money in your pocket and everything is alright.’

Religion has been thrown into the background. Economic considerations dominate the mind of man.

Moreover, economically the society is, now, divided into classes- upper class ‘middle class and lower class. The rich peoples’ life is full of plenty and affectation. The upper class, as such, has very few problems. They subscribe to the saying: ‘Live to eat.’ The lower class or the poor live from hand to mouth. They cannot afford to educate their children. Their future is always bleak. They are contented with what they have.

It is the middle class and the people of the lower middle class who are faced with different problems. They are generally grumbling and complaining. For most of them ‘Purse’ is a curse. The middle class is the worst victim of social competition. They run after white color jobs. The more they have, the more they want. Very few know how to live within means.

For them, success in life depends in having good, well-furnished houses and bungalows, fashions and fads, bright future for their children. They are constantly vying with one another. The result is discontentment. In the words of the poet De La Marie:

“Greedy fools measure themselves with a poor man never

Their standard being richer men finds them poorer ever.”

They are constantly ground in the mill of Inflation, rising costs of things. If the problem of food is solved, other problems creep up. They must put on good clothes to put up the show. Education of the children is a drain on their pocket. High fees, costly books, and stationery, transport expenses, constantly prey on their minds.

Then comes the problem of marriages of the children. They must beg, borrow or steal (dishonest earnings) in order to arrange for rich dowries and sumptuous feasts. They have false sense of dignity and keep up the show. Shame! what the people will say.

All these problems can be solved if they live according to the teaching of Islam lead a simple life, eat to live, live by. honest earnings, make simple houses and are contented.

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