Pakistan of Quaid’s Dream English Essay

By | May 12, 2019

The great issue calls for a great Leader. The struggle for Muslim freedom was, indeed a great issue. Qaid-e-Azam rose to the occasion, led the Indian muslims. He fired them with enthusiasm; united them on one platform and found Pakistan, the biggest Muslim state in the world.

Mr. Jinnah was a great statesman and popular leader. He was a practical man and believed in action and in hard work. He was man of great vision and fore-sightedness. He saw a bright future for the country that he had built. Freedom demands collective thinking, untiring efforts to progress, the sincere will to rise, and above all patriotism.

From the various speeches and messages of the Qaid, we can gather what was the Pakistan of Quaid’s dream; or what he wished to make and see Pakistan. He wished to see Pakistan as a great Islamic welfare state. All the Indian Muslims irrespective of provincial differences, regional considerations, lended their wholehearted support to him.

İslam teaches us three disciplines:

  1. how to think correctly
  2. how to act correctly
  3. how to organise correctly

Quaid’s maxim faith, unity, discipline is a clarion call to follow these disciplines. He wished to build up the edifice of the nation on these principles. Quaid-e-Azam’s demand for Pakistan was based on Islamic polity. In the historical meeting on 23rd March 1940, he declared:

“We wish our people to develop to the fullest of our spiritual, cultural, economic, social and political life in a way we think best, and in consonance to our ideals.”

Again Mr. Jinnah told to the world[the_ad id=”17141″]

“Remember Muslims cannot be crushed. They have not been crushed during the last 1000 years by any power our religion, our culture, our Islamic ideals are our driving forces to achieve independence”

(speech 1945)

His dream for Pakistan (Muslim Homeland) prompted him to say:

“By separate homeland, I mean a country where the Muslims of Indo-Pak sub-continent would be able to fashion their lives according to the dictates of the Holy Quran and Sunnah”.

Quaid-e-Azam was a champion of Islamic democratic principles- justice, equality, fraternity (brotherhood) in the various socio-economic fields. He wished to see Pakistan an ideal Islamic state, consonant with Islamic ideals and traditions. He won Pakistan by constitutional means, for the revival of Pan-Islamism preached and advocated by Allama Iqbal. In Islam and Islamic laws, he saw a bright future for the country.

Had he survived longer, he would have made Pakistan a real cathedral of Islam and an ideal state socially, economically and politically, a country where there would be no distinction of rulers and the ruled, the rich and the poor. He wished to see the people free from horses of Bradri, Baderashahi and Sardari and family dominations.

Present Pakistan is a negation of his dream, a divided house, factions flying at one another’s throats. If his spirit visits the land of the Paks, he would be shocked to see a bold violation of the commandments of God and moral laws. The rampant nepotism, favoritism, corruption, social and educational deterioration and lawlessness would grieve his spirit.

Instead of progressing quickly and building up, the country has fallen a victim to political anarchy, self cultural suicide, economic instability, regionalism. There is no unity, no discipline in any walk of life; and patriotism is at the lowest ebb. Qaid-e-Millat shaheed Liaquat Khan’s dying words; “May Allah save and preserve Pakistan”, echo the great Quaid’s dream.

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