Pakistan Needs More Scientists Essay

By | May 11, 2019

“Necessity is best Virtue.”

We are living in the most highly developed age of science. Scientists in the west are assailing other heavenly bodies and ransacking the bottom of the oceans. Both the atomic age and the space age have revolutionalized the life on the planet.

How can we be indifferent to what is happening around us?

Modern Power and progress derive their lifeblood from scientific and technological development. The men behind the scene are scientists. When the world is lost in enjoyments or lolling in sleep, the men of science devote their days and nighs to experiments and research. They are the greatest benefactors of mankind. We take everything for granted and know little about their inventions and lives.

Pakistan being a developing country needs more men of science. All the developed and advanced countries of the east and west are indebted to their scientists and honor and reward them. The much coveted noble prizes have been awards to the great scientists. Both the national needs and geographical situation of the country demand more scientists.

The Christian world looks at us with suspicious eyes, while our eastern frontiers are threatened by our hostile neighbor Bharat. Muslim countries are backward in the field of science and technology. If Pakistan wishes to live honorably and play its pioneer role in the Muslim world, she must pool all her efforts and resources in producing and educating a team of scientists worthy of our name.

First and the foremost need is the country’s defense. If we want to preserve our independence ånd sovereignty, we must be self-sufficient in war materials. Pakistan wants peace and hates war. But, world politics is against us and we can not forever depend on others.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Then comes the problem of power and energy. Pakistan must tap all the sources of power – natural resources and develop nuclear energy. Pakistan’s present power and fuel resources are not sufficient even for domestic purposes. Our industrial production suffers due to frequent break down of power and load shading.

Industries are the backbone of the national economy. No doubt Pakistan has made satisfactory progress in the industrial sector, still, we have to import large quantities of manufactured and semi-processed goods. This adversely affects our Balance of Payments and foreign exchange reserves. Locally produced goods are cheaper, so we must patronize and buy them. Generally, we depend on Japan, Korea, and China for expertizing and tech aid. If we have more scientists to prop the industrial needs, we can increase our exports and trade.

Agriculture is the prime industry of the country. It suffers from out-moded methods of farming with low yield. Unless we patronize mechanical farming and use better seeds, chemicals, and manures, we cannot be self-sufficient in foodstuffs. Our fruit industry and fisheries badly need improvements. Home scientists can do a lot in this sector and put the country on road to progress.

Only strong, powerful, self-supporting and stable Pakistan can play per required role in the Muslim world and the world at large. It is impossible without scientific research, development through our men of science only.

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