Pakistan and Her Neighbours English Essay

By | May 11, 2019

Good neighbors are a blessing, bad neighbors, a curse. As there are next door neighbors in society, there are neighbors to a country. Nian is a social animal; he cannot live alone. So is the case in the international community. No country can subsist alone, however rich and self-sufficient. The policy of aloofness does not pay in the present world. Economically nations are interdependent and inter-linked.

The world is divided into nations – big and small, developed and developing, rich and poor, weak and strong. The world body, the United Nations is the largest organization of the world community, wherein all differences of creed and color, east and west are forgotten.

Pakistan is a peace – loving country having friendly relations with all the nations of the world except Israel the deadly enemy of the Islamic world. The government has entered into bilateral and multilateral relations and agreements with nations of the eastern and the west.

Geographically Pakistan is situated in the center of the globe. She occupies a strategical position in international politics. The country is a committed member of the Non-Alliance Movement. She has always upheld and supported the cause of international peace and national freedom. The government has especially voiced its concern about problems of the Muslim Umma anywhere in the world.

Our next door neighbors or the countries are Bharat in the cast, Iran, and Afghanistan in the west and Russia and Republic of Peoples China in the N. West. Pakistan and Bharat had been the part of undivided India. The people of the two countries share cultural and ancestral ties. They belong to common stock. Both of them are members of the SAARC.[the_ad id=”17141″]

In spite of old links, Bharat has never accepted the partition with the clear heart; and has been out to harm and undo Pakistan. Our frank offers of friendship, peace and common defense had been turned down by the Big Brother. The two have already fought two bloody wars. Bharat wants to dominate central Asia and is in league with Israel, Kashmir is still the apple of discord between the two countries. Indian Public media is always vomiting venom against Pakistan. We will never accept Bharat’s hegemony.

Iran and Afghanistan are our co-religionists. We have good and friendly relations with them. Iran is also a member of the RCD and has always shared in common ventures. The conditions in Afghanistan are not peaceful and our government is doing everything to resolve the factional differences. Islamabad Agreement is a right and timely step in this respect.

China is our best and trusted a friend. They have always stood with us in time of need. Chinese Nuclear aid to Pakistan, the construction of Karakorum highway (Shah-rah-Rashum) and other Industrial investments are clear proof of being good and loving neighbors.

Our relations with Russia have always been friendly. Pakistan still maintains the old ties with the newly born Russian states. The heavy complex of Steel Mill of Karachi, with the aid of Russia, helped Pakistan to solve many of its Industrial Problems. We believe in the policy of living and let live with our neighbors. Pakistan stands for peace and friendship with at her neighbors and wishes them to reciprocate the gestures.

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