National Language (Urdu) Essay in English

By | May 11, 2019

Language is the art of expressing our ideas by means of Words.

Man is lord of creation. He has been blessed with the power to think and the capacity to speak. He can express his ideas, feelings and thoughts to others. For all these, he requires a medium, and the medium is language. Language is not only a medium of expression (oral & written) but it is also the most important invention of man and the custodian of human knowledge and wisdom.

As animals and birds produce different and distinct cries and sounds, likewise peoples both civilized and uncivilized, speak different languages and dialects in the various parts and countries of the world. Infants and children inherit their language habits from their parents. The language is called mother tongue. As such no local language and dialect cannot die or perish in the face of the national language.

The national language of a country is a constitutional necessity. The constitution upholds and supports it. To neglect and to deride the national language is not only a violation of the constitution but also unpatriotic, as is the case in Pakistan. Urdu and Bengali were constitutionally given national status. In fact Bengali and Bengals were the root causes of secession of East Pakistan and the breaking of the country. The same mentality is being nurtured in Sindh.

Now Urdu is our national language, but provincialism and ethnicism are out to kill the national language. Like past heritage and traditions, language plays a very important role in national awakening and national integration.

Religion (Islam) and national language (Urdu) have played the most important and dominant roles in the propagation of two-nation theory and the creation of Pakistan. Urdu had not only spread the message of the Qaid and free Muslim state (Pakistan) all over British India but it had also brought the Indian Muslims on one platform and under one flag. It has served as a battering ram in awakening the Indian Muslims and fostering Pakistan polity.[the_ad id=”17141″]

In most of the uni-lingual countries, the people’s language is also their national language. In case of bi-lingual and multilingual countries like Russia, India, Pakistan, and Canada, except the last, all have one national language. In Bharat, Hindi enjoys a national status in offices, educational institutions and public media. They are proud of Hindi (Sanskritized); but in Pakistan, Urdu has been given step-motherly treatments. In practical life, provincial languages are given preference to Urdu. The undesirable tendency has cut against national unity and integration.

Urdu is, as deridingly pleaded, not the Language of Mohajirs. It is a dynamic language with rich vocabulary and proud past. Urdu is ideally suited for expression and instructions in art, science, and commerce up to university level. The father of the nation, in his wisdom and with vision, chose Urdu as the national language. It can flourish and prosper when it is used and practiced in daily dealings and officials matters, and not merely as lingua frinca.

Urdu is part of cultural heritage, political cementing force and eraser of narrow-mindedness and destroyer of parochial feelings. It is a binding force for the youths, the future hopes of the country. It is being widely used in Indian films under the name of Hindustani.

Urdu can play its real role as national language when it is officially and strictly introduced as a medium of instruction in schools. Patronizing of English from K.G., the level is sign of mental servitude which is worse than political slavery. Teaching the kids through foreign language (English) is like giving them stones instead of bread. English medium should be used only from VIII class and only in selected schools.

No nation can survive without true love for national language.

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