My Favorite Television Show Essay in English

By | May 12, 2019

Television has great education as well as nuisance value. It all depends on how one uses it. In our country it has done more harm to the viewers than good, particularly to the students. T.V. has not only narrowed the desired distance between the young and the old, but it has also eroded moral values and destroyed social fabric.

No body can deny that television is a great boon of science, provided it is used wisely and sparingly. It is also a fact that anything that makes us forgetful of God and indifferent to religion, is a nuisance, rather a curse. T.V. brings the colourful visions of life before us. We can enjoy the magic of both sight and sound.

I see only selected programmes on the national T.V. network. Otherwise, to be a constant sitter is a mere waste of time. My favorite T.V. Programme is Wrestling. I prefer it as it is telecast on weekdays only. It is, therefore, not a waste of time. Unlike other films, there is nothing profane about wrestling. It can be seen and enjoyed both by the old and the young. It is free from government propaganda and control. There is no fiddling in it. It is not annoying and boring like the advertisement studded plays sponsored by the advertisers.

T.V. generally, telecasts western style wrestling. There are solo bouts, doubt fights, or the most savage, free-for-all. The first two are fought in rings. The single fights are more thrilling and interesting. The doubles are often full of fouls. The referee has no control on the wrestlers. Moreover, sometimes they are unmatched. The last in which several wrestlers take part, is some times hair splitting. It is fought within a cage-like arena. It is like a wrestling melee. The one who succeeds in overpowering all, escapes over the cage. He is the hero of the match. There is no referee in the game.

Wrestling is a martial art. It is full of fascination, adventures, courage and heroism. In the ancient days, kings used to hold wrestling competitions in order to choose matches for their daughters. The winner or the champion crowned the princess of his choice. I like wrestling programme as it encourages body building and physical culture. Secondly it brings out the manly qualities like courage, stoutness, heroism and fearlessness. It brings national honour and promotes international good will. Wrestlers from different countries fight for honour.

I disapprove the rashness and bruteness shown in some bouts. The excesses committed by some Wrestlers is beyond the control of the referees. The bellowing and vaunting before and after the bouts leave one stunted.

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