My Daily Life Essay in English

By | May 12, 2019

Life is a great gift of God, and it must be lived according to His commandments. It is worth living. There, have been three schools of thoughts teaching different philosophies. The first says:

“Neither we are for the world nor the world is for us.”

Life is full of miseries, sufferings and sins. Therefore turn your back on life-the philosophy of Christians and Buddhists.

The second beliefs:

“The world is for us and we are for the world.”

Eat, drink and be merry. No fear of God, no prayers, no reward and punishment. Lastly, the philosophy is given by the last Prophet of Allah The world is for the you, but your are not for the world”.

Face life, be patient on sufferings and pains; and do not run away from life. I believe in and act on the last. In fact life depends on the liver. I lie down with the lamb and rise with the lark. It is wise motto. After ablutions, I offer morning prayer. I thank Allah and pray for His blessings. After reciting the Quran though not regularly, I go through regular rounds of exercise. Off and on I go to Youth Centre for playing tennis. After breakfast and dressing, I go to college any attend my classes regularly. We play Table Tennis during the recess.

After college, hunger urges me to reach home at the earliest. I curse the buses for being late and overcrowded. After lunch, it is my habit to take some rest or do ‘Kalula’. I do not fail to read the newspaper in the afternoon. Sometimes by books invite me to do justice to them. I believe in the saying:

“Work while you should work, and play while should play”

Cricket and Table-Tennis are my pet games. The latter is my home item, but I play cricket with any friends in the evening. I seldom fail to watch the cricket or hockey matches on T.V. As for as possible, I offer prayers, but not regularly. Prayers bring great spiritual peace and contentment.

Night is a season of rest. But man, the Lord of creation wastes much of the time before T.V and useless gossip. I do not like such habits. My parents are very strick about being home after the dusk. To study is the first duty of a student. So I sit up for my regular studies. I am not a book-worm and subscribe to the view: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Neither I am a late sitter and generally go to bed at 10 o’clock. I think T.V. is harmful for the students.

Ours is a happy family of seven members. Parents, three brothers and two sisters. I do not neglect others, my neighbors, the poor and needy. My membership to “Edhi Volunteer Trust” gives me chance to serve others. Indeed, we make life by what we do for others. Work for both the worlds, is my philosophy of life.

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