Law and Order Problem Essay in English

By | May 12, 2019

Laws are made for man, and not man for laws. We find ‘order’ in the whole universe. Physical laws govern all the phenomena of Nature. The revolution and rotation of the heavenly bodies (The sun, moon and stars) the natural growth, the changes of day and night, seasons, winds and rains and birth and death-all are subject to physical laws and discipline.

Man lives in society. His life is governed by laws. Moral laws, social laws and country’s laws are made and imposed for good of man. Moral laws tell him – what is fair, what is foul? what is right and what is wrong. What is to be done and what is tarot to be done. They are given by religion, by conscience. Social laws are made by society. Social institutions and social behavior are controlled and guided by them. The last, laws of the country are made by the government. They run the whole government machinery.

The present disorder and chaos’ in the country is due to poor respect for laws. They are boldly violated, overridden or purchased. The root cause is general corruption and a dearth of spiritual values- goodness, justice, and truth. Man is a responsible being. He is responsible and accountable for all his actions. Thinking makes us what we are. If our thoughts are good, our actions are bound to be good. Why? Because thoughts precede actions.

The first imperative for leading good life is Fear of God, and belief in Reward and Punishment, “Society is the individual writ large”. If the members are good and honest, the society is bound to be good and prosperous. All the home, the society and the government are responsible for the existing bad law and order situation. [the_ad id=”17141″]

The first duty falls on the parents. Parents are, generally indifferent to the behavior of their children and wards. According to Allama Iqbal:

Our people need better upbringing than education.

The situation in educational institutions is the worst. The teachers are either careless or indifferent. The students are ill-behaved and undisciplined. They are politically pampered. They do not attend the classes; use foul means in the examinations. They have no respect for the teachers and laws. Govt. is rather afraid of them. Well, students of today are the citizens of tomorrow.

Greater responsibility for bad law and order falls on the government. The whole government machinery is corrupt. Bribe has become order the day. The juniors dame care for their superiors. Most of the government officials are involved in politics. They are used as tools by the political party in power. Justice has departed from courts. There is no accountability.

The guardians of law (the police) are corrupt, partial and connive with the criminals. They implicate innocent people. and take illegal gratification. There is no law and order in ‘Sindh’, particularly in Karachi. Broadway robberies and murders, shooting and looting, car lifting and snatching, housebreaking, molesting of the women and other crimes are daily reported in the newspapers. The civil govt. has failed, and the army has to step in.

Regionalism, sectarianism, urbanization, nepotism, favoritism and political discrimination are other factors behind the evil. Evil always feeds on evil. There is no discipline in any walks of life. People are fed up and cry: To me this unchartered freedom tires. They cry for justice, relief and safety: The cure for the curse lies in following the Islamic order and imposing laws and Islamic. punishments. Allama Iqbal has called it: ‘Back to the Quran.’

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