Importance of College Life Essay in English

By | May 13, 2019

The old adage says No life without a wife. The new says No knowledge without College. A university is said to be the center of learning. Nobody can deny the importance of education both for boys and girls. Generally, there are three tiers in the educational system- primary, secondary and higher. The teachers, the taught and the syllabus are the three cogs in the machinery of education.

Primary education is the first stage. Schools are like nurseries of the nation. If the schools are neglected, there can not good educational growth. Unfortunately, in Pakistan, the base is very weak and neglected. Only about 50% of the children attend schools. Then there is big fall out after primary education. The condition of secondary schools and education is not at all satisfactory due to slack management and mal administration. The teacher factor is irresponsible.

Matriculation marks a definite stage in the life of Pakistani. Youths. Quite a good percentage enters into service inorder to earn family’s share of income. The rest enter into colleges and tech. institutions. The school period is spread over ten years. College education covers four years, in two stages – Intermediate and Degree. There are separate colleges for Arts, Commerce and Science faculties. Some institutions have two or all three faculties.

[the_ad id=”17141″]College life has a wide scope and its own status and value. It is a unique experience to step into a college after passing out matriculation. Boys and girl from many schools meet in the college. In fact, they open a new chapter in their life. They feel elated and are proud to call themselves as collegians. College life offers greater freedom and latitude to the students. The lecturers and professors come and deliver lectures on different subjects. The students are generally passive. There is no force or compulsion, as at the schools. College life makes them more conscious.

The students are matured and develop sense of responsibility and duty. Students’ first duty is to concentrate on their studies. Quite a large number of students shirk their responsibilities. They take undue advantage of college freedom. Most of the students are irregular, absentee scholars. Textbooks are carefully neglected. Average college students depend on notes. Some think it their right to use unfair means in the exams.

College life teaches the habits of intelligent and purposeful study. Constant review is price of knowledge. The habit pays in future life and at the university stage. All education is possible through two eyes – curiosity and desire. Lack of all these qualities has made college life fruitless. Students indulge in dirty politics; insult and disobey the teachers. Many sow wild oats and wash the dirty linen in the public. All this is below the dignity of college students.

Those who pass out from the portals of colleges should keep in mind that the true test of an educated person is not his/her knowledge but his/her being.

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