Importance of Business Education Essay

By | May 15, 2019

It is said that whole life is a big schooling. One is never too old to learn. What is necessary is the willingness to learn. All knowledge is possible through the two eyes – curiosity and desire. Knowledge is like a vast, unfathomable ocean.

What we know and learn is like a drop in the ocean. The words of great Scientist Newton are worth quoting., Newton had said:

“I am like a small child playing on the seashore, collecting shells and pabbles. And what I have done, is like a drop of water in the ocean.”

Education may be liberal or it may be special. Now a days there are three faculties in higher education namely arts, commerce and science. Some institutions have only one faculty, some have two or all the faculties, arts, science and commerce. The general trend among the students is to learn science subjects and enter professional colleges – engineering and Medicine. Young people, now-days, are generally guided by lucrative aims. Their main desire is to earn money and become rich. Very few aspire for knowledge for the sake of knowledge – the aim before the old generations. Business education offers good prospects for ambitious persons. Many of them join commerce.colleges or take admission in commerce with the aim of getting good jobs.

Economic activities and aims dominate the minds of modern men. Business, commerce and industries are important branches of economic activities. Industries are said to be the .backbone of national economy. Trade or business follows the flag. The Englishmen came to India as traders and ultimately became the Masters.

Business education offers very wide scope. Education is business oriented. The subjects taught in commerce faculties are: The fundamentals of Business, Accounting and Auditing, Economics, Statistics, Business Communication and Business Law. The introduction of computer science has added new charm to the faculty.

Business education helps the students in easy placement or getting jobs in banks, firms, industrial and commercial organizations. Many of them become CA’s. Accountants. Auditors, Managers and Business Representatives and Public Relations Officers. Most of the organizations prefer B.Com’s, M.Com’s, BBA’s and MBA’s. Even those who begin as clerks and subordinate, can go up the ladder of life by hard work and industry.

Many settle down in private business. The knowledge that they have gained, helps them in wise planning and running the business. Their degrees are like good passports. They can go anywhere, and get jobs. Many of them are well placed in foreign countries and earning a lot. The industrialists are the wealthiest persons. Business education has great charm for the youths. They get good rewards.

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