Importance of 14th August English Essay

By | May 11, 2019

Freedom is leaven and Bondage is well.

Some days are important in the vari same are great and important for all time’s Some have religious important still political importance and others are eminent historically 14th August combines all the greatness and eminence. It is the Dav of Emancipation and Deliverance for the Indian Muslims. It marks the culmination of Muslim struggle for independence. The Indian Muslims won freedom with it bang on the 14th night. They threw away the role of clarity of colonial rule of the Britishers. The Muslims who came to India its victors were ultimately vanquished by the foreigners. They could not forget their past glory.

They had to fight not only against foreign domination but also against the Hindu opposition and brute majority. The sun of freedom smiled on the Muslims after its long struggles. sufferings and sacrifices. Thus it was a day of deliverance from hell-Bondage.

14th August is also in Dar of Thanksgiving. The Biggest Muslim state in the World-Pakistan and the fifth largest. was born on this historic Day. It will the dar when Allama Iqbal’s dream came true. It was the propitious juncture of the 27th of Ramzan, the Friday. The Muslims bowed their heads before Allah Almighty for granting them freedom. Muslims could now order and practice their lives in cording to the injunctions of Islam.[the_ad id=”17141″]

It was also a Day of great Victory for the Indian Muslims. The Hindus opposer partition with a behind nail for they had vowed not to illo split kit Bharat Mata. They had to walk through bloodshed massacre and fire before reaching the land of their dream. It was indeed a grand victory for the Quaid and his unflinching supporters.

It is also a day of rejoicing for the Pakistanis. It can be called the red-letter day for the Indian Muslims. All the free nations celebrate their Independence days with great jubilation and pomp and show. We also celebrate our independence day with great enthusiasm and zeal. Preparations are made in advance. Houses and market places are decorated with buntings and plays. On the morning of the 14th August national flags are hoisted on all the government and public buildings.

Processions are taken out in big cities and special programmes like parades, sports meets are held in schools and colleges. In the evening public meetings are held in which the speakers high light the role of Quaid-e-Azam his colleagues, freedom fighters and the Muslim League that gave us Pakistan. Sweets and food are distributed among the poor. Radio and T.V. broadcasts and Telecasts special programmes about the importance of the Day. In Karachi, crowds of people visit Quaid’s Tomb and offer Fatiha.

14th August is a day of happiness and rejoining for man is at his best, when he is most free. It is also the day of stocktaking. What we have achieved and what we have missed. We rededicate ourselves to the service and glory of our country.

Pakistan Zindabad!

Pakistan Paindabad!!

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