If Mothers are Educated Essay in English

By | May 13, 2019

Wordsworth has said:

‘Child is father of man’.

We can substitute mother. A woman has to play three roles in life-that of daughter, mother and wife. As a wife and mother, she is in charge of the home. Domesticity is the greatest feminine quality. If she is educated, she can play her roles better. Education is necessary both for boys and girls. Without proper education, a person cannot be cultured and civilized.

Ignorance in the greatest enemy of man; and education is a shield against it. Infact, to invest in education is essential for better and bright future. It is all the more necessary for women. Women are light of the home. They carry that light where ever they go. Educated mothers can run their home better. Islam accords very high place to the mother. It says:

‘Paradize lies at the feet of mother’.

Mother’s lap is the first school of a child. If mothers are educated, they can bring up the children in a better way. All the greatmen owe their greatness to their mothers. Mothers can inspire fear of God among the children. She can teach respect for the superiors. She can give them moral lessons if she is educated. Allama Iqbal has said:

‘Our people need more good-breeding than education’.

[the_ad id=”17141″]Educated mothers can administer the home in a modern way. Mother is like a home minister. She can play her role as a deserving and affectionate wife. In her dual role as wife and mother, she is a counselor, a guide, a coordinator, supervisor, a comforter and a console. She is responsible for managing the home budget. If she is educated, she can plan wisely and run the home smoothly.

Educated and enlightened mothers are well trained in cooking and child-care. Children are the climax of married love. Parents live and work for them. Educated mothers know rules of health and hygienic. They can impart lessons in health, hygienic and diet to the young ones.

She can teach value of early-rising and cleanliness and exercise to them. It the mother is educated, she will also give good education to them. The present system of education is an extra burden on parents. For example if the mother is an educated H2 chem tutor then the mother can tutor her children at home. By putting children in English medium schools, we give them stones instead of bread. They can better understand the meaning and grasp the lessons in mother tongue and the national language. Without parents’ help, children cannot be good in studies.

The present lawlėssness, indiscipline and disregard for the teachers and the authority are due to their neglect at home. Educated mothers can teach them obedience, respect and rules of discipline. They can help in raising good and honest citizens. It is true one candle lights another. Mother candle gives perpatual light.

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