Essay on Women University in English

By | May 13, 2019

For some time opening of a separate university for women, has been a controversial issue. As in other fields, there are traditions in education, in every country. In the early 20th Century, education was considered a prerogative of man. Women were satisfied with their traditional role of housekeepers. They little bothered for public fame and honours. There were fewer schools, colleges and a few universities.

In oriental countries like Pakistan and Bharat, people have their own cultural patterns-artifices, behavior patterns and belief systems. Religion has great hold on their minds. Ladies do not freely mix up with their counterparts. With the spread of light of western civilization and adoptation of western modes of education, things have completely changed. Women are constantly vying with men in various fields of life. Female education is being given greater attention.

At the time of partition, the number of girls schools and colleges was very small. In co-education institutions, segregation was the general rule. The girl students were given due respect, honour and protection. With the passage of time, cultural disciplines and religious restrains have lost their hold on our minds. There are mixed gatherings and combined classes in colleges and universities. [the_ad id=”17141″]

The University of Karachi is overcrowded. The number of female students is greater than that of the male. There is a heavy pressure of admissions in colleges. At present, there are about one dozen women colleges in the city. Seeing the pressure of admissions and uncongenial atmosphere for women in a male-dominated society, it won’t be unwise to start a separate university for women. The Sind Govt. has granted a charter for Jinnah Women University in Karachi. It will be the first women university is Indo-Pakistan.

In light of great demand, the government must open women university in Public Sector. Education is a national development programme for all purposes. It is dire need of the time. Women have claims to such education that does not clash with their feminine qualities and disgrace and degrade their status. The present liberal education does not suit and meet the requirements of Islamic society.

The present awakening among our women is a healthy sign. Their strength justifies the opening of a separate university. Then only they shall find a congenial atmosphere for studies and growth of feminine qualities. They will breath air of freedom unhampered by growing disturbances and closures, without being insulted and hooted and molested by the crazy males.

The government often comes out with lame excuse of scarcity of funds and finances. It is sheer denial of rights of women. Then there is no question of the availability of women staff. There are large number of M.A’s, M.Sc’s, Ph.D’s and M.S. in the city. The present craze for English medium and co-education is sign of mental servitude. New courses ought to be prescribed to suit the physical and psychological needs of women-daughters of the East. No investment is too great for a noble cause.

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