Essay on Value of Discipline in English

By | May 12, 2019

There are two ways of doing things – good and bad, fair and foul, right and wrong, decent and indecent. All the positive ways stand for discipline. Discipline teaches us respect for laws, respect for authority. We find discipline in the changing phases of Nature.

The movements of the heavenly bodies, changes of day and night, of seasons, systematic growth of animate and inanimate (lifeless) objects and the cycle of birth and death, are subject to natural laws of discipline. Even animals and birds keep to their assigned paths except for man. Man takes pleasure in violating the rules and crossing the limits. The government has to make laws to regulate social behavior and conduct.

Discipline is a negative quality. It stands for self-restraint. Very few practice self-discipline. Discipline is a mark of civilized life. Human conduct is subject to rules of discipline. If there is no discipline among the members of the society or the state. everybody shall do what he/she likes. There shall be no order and peace in the country. The present state of lawlessness in the country is due to lack of discipline. [the_ad id=”17141″]

Discipline is indispensable for mutual respect and well being of the community. Laws of discipline’ teach us what to do what not to do. What is right, what is wrong; what is fair, what is foul. Without discipline, there can be no morality among the people. Law of the jungle shall prevail in the country. Without morality, there can not be goodness, justice and truth in life. Discipline is indispensable for happiness in life.

There is strict discipline in the army. In civiljan life, discipline is a little practised virtue. Schools and colleges are the centres where rules of discipline are to be taught and strictly obeyed. Unfortunately, there is no discipline in the student community. Students of today, are the citizens of tomorrow. If we wish to raise a good and prosperous society, the Govt. should pay special attention to discipline in the educational institutions.

All physical, mental and moral cultures teach discipline. Games and sports inculcate sense of discipline. Mental culture teaches right thinking. If our thoughts are good, our actions are bound to be good. Morality is the highest essence of life. The aim of education is the three-fold development of human personality.

Discipline also stands for punctuality, devotion, and dedication to duty. Duty gives dignity to life. It is the bedrock of civilization. It is a sad plight that human beings are relapsing into barbarism. The Islamic prayer (Salat) is all and all discipline. Our motto should be faith, unity and discipline.

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