Essay on Unions Should Be Banned in English

By | May 15, 2019

Everything has a nuisance value if it is misused or misapplied. The usefulness of institutions and organizations also varies according to social setup and new changes. Much depends on the behavior and the conduct of the individuals and the groups.

Students unions as a group have passed through various phases. Students unions were made in good faith and their activities reflected the caliber and attainments of the student community. They began to deteriorate with the passage of time due to induction of politics in the educational units, and outside interference in the working of the college unions.

The change is not for the good. Unions have lost their academic value. Such unions are to be banned. The idea may not be welcome by some champions or students leaders. But truth can not be denied. Moreover, the truth is always bitter.

The declared purpose of forming college unions through elections is to give parliamentary training to the students. Once the union elections are over, they ought to work together without consideration of group association. The office bearers of the union are supposed to work for the collective good, and in the best interest and good name of college as a whole. The purpose of the union is not to dictate the authorities, but to function under the able guidance of the teachers. This is what used to appear in the beginning. They are not supposed to dictate their Heads and the members of the staff and take the administration into their hands.

After the nationalization of the educational institutions, political pampering of the students and outward influence destroyed the noble aims and ideals that prompted the functioning of the unions. Political slogans and pollution of the college walls and buildings have become common. Unionist raided the Principals’ offices ad publicity insulted the staff members. Dictation and not submission became the order of the day.

The worst aspect of the disorderly and misguided union activities was reflected in regional groupings, ethnic parties, and taking of law by the students in their own hands. The group belonging to the ruling party enjoyed free license and were above all laws. The activities of the unions began to be seen with distrust and disgust. All these activities cut against the very unity and solidarity of the country.

Under this circumstance, no sensible and patriotic person could tolerate them. Unions have been banned on the above solid grounds. It was a wise step in the right direction. Students have become extremely political minded. Political factions among the students in colleges and Universities have destroyed peace and order indispensable for educational pursuits. Hence, unions are to be banned in the greater good of the country.

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