Essay on Travelling in English

By | May 15, 2019

Travelling has its own history. In Greece messangers used to travel long distances on foot; or went running into order to deliver the important messages. The great explorers Vascodi-Gama and Columbus voyaged on the uncharted seas; braved all dangers and discovered old and new lands. In the middle of 19th century Livingstone traveled through the dark continent, Africa.

The great 18th century was an age of travels and adventures. The famous books Gulliver’s Travels and Robinson Crusoe are masterpieces on travelling. The means of transport have given great encouragement to traveling one can travel by road, sea or air. The journeys have their own adventures and charms. You can travel on shanks mare (foot), by bullock cart, bus, car or train on land. Those who have money and time can travel by air or sea.

Travelling is full of adventurers. Adventure as salt of life. It is good pass time as well source of knowledge. It has great educative value. While traveling we come across peoples of different cultures, colours and creeds. We live and move with them. It fosters mutual love, tolerance and sense of brotherhood. For the lover of nature, traveling offers enough charms. The mountains, rivers and lakes, the greenfields, different kinds of fruits and grains, birds and animals and changes of weather and climate, provide both adventure and pleasure to the travellers. It adds to our geographical knowledge at first hand.

One can become citizen of the world by travelling to foreign lands. Visits to historical places and old cultural centres, add to our knowledge. Knowledge of national heritage inspires sense of patriotism and love for ones culture. Travelling teaches us value of time and punctuality. It developes our presence mind and power of observation. We learn about the habits and customs of the people of different lands. It helps us in making pen friends.

Nobody can deny the educative value of traveling. Schools and college students arrange trips to different places in the country. Their teachers given their outdoor lessons in geography, history and natural science. You can take photographs and preserve the memories. Nature is an open book before them. Their bookish knowledge is imperfect. Travelling gives first hand knowledge. While on tours, they develop the sense of self help, discipline and other virtues. No education can be called complete without travelling. It makes us wise and well informed. It is worth spending on travelling.

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