Essay on The Blessings of Science in English

By | May 13, 2019

We are living in the most advanced age of science and technology. It is called space age. In the present world torn with nationalism and divided into blocks, Science is the only common denominator. Where ever we go, we carry the torch of science in our hands in order to light our path. Science, thus, may be called the religion of the modern world.

Science has confirmed great boons on mankind. The various inventions of science have brought about a revolution in our lives. Machines, big and small (the offsprings of science) are constantly at our service. They are like our extra limbs. The aim of science is to reduce human pains and sufferings. Machines have saved human labour and time. The most wonderful invention of science is computer, the mechanical brain.

.Electricity works like Alladin’s wonderful lamp. We have simply to put on the switch and the rest is done automatically. It is the most important source of energy. It lights our homes and cities; it turns the wheels of industries. It provides us with fun and amusements. Business centres, hospitals and offices all are indebted to electricity. It provides comfort and ease during extreme weather. [the_ad id=”17141″]

The various easy, cheap and quick means of communication like Radio, Wireless, Telephone, T.V., Cables, ships and airplanes, have brought the distant corners of world closer. Newspapers and other sources of information keep us constantly informed about the world affairs. We can thus, say that the world has shrunk. Science is cosmopolitan in service. It has conquered distance, space and time. It has probed into the secrets of nature-air, oceans and land.

Science has achieved miracles in the field of medicine, particularly surgery. Now, even internal organs-heart, lungs, kidney can be operated and replaced. Most wonderful are plastic and neurosurgery (brain). It has increased the expectation of life by providing us with better health and hygiene services.

Nuclear energy has brought about radical changes in the field of agriculture, industries and treatment of dangerous diseases. Science has added to human comforts and happiness.

Science is a Fairy as well as a Fury. Its inventions are being greatly misused. The worst misuse of science is in wars. War has become more cruel and destructive. The next threefold warfare – mechanical, chemical and biological, shall spell end of the world. It shall wipe out humanity. War is a blight on our civilization. Pollutions have endangered human life, animals life and sea creatures.

Science has replaced human labor. The machines have become our masters instead of being our servants. We are completely at their mercy. We have to keep them cool and under control. More human lives have been lost in mechanical accidents than all the sum total of lives lost in the total battles and wars fought on the surface of the globe (UNO Report). We misuse the leisure that machines has given us.

In conclusion, we must not misuse scientific inventions in wars. War must be abolished. Science has made us more materialistic. The only change of mental attitudes and restoration of religion can save the world.

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