Essay on Struggle Is Key to Success in English

By | May 16, 2019


  • Introduction
  • The stages of struggle
  • Lives of great men
  • Determination moves the mountains
  • Right direction of struggle
  • Conclusion

According to the Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary, struggle means a hard fight in which people try to obtained or achieve something, especially something that somebody else don’t want them to have.

Whenever we embark on a venture, we take stock of our objectives. Then we chalk out the resources and device a method to apply them. In the end, we assess whether the required objectives are achieved or not. This is called the stage of struggle.

When an object is pursued systematically and devotedly, the success is the ultimate outcome of a set of organized activities.

History is replete with the incidents of achievement of the great men. The main driving force in such ventures was always determination, courage, planning and patience.

The lives of great men show that they struggled hard and devotedly to pursue their direction of interest. They even didn’t consider much the shallow outcome in terms of success or failure they only know how to struggle persistently. And this was the very think which awarded them high ranks in their field of struggle. The great names in science, literature and other arts confirm this notion.

In the world of today, every minor objective requires skill and incessant hard work to be accomplished. Then the reason guides us at every step to make new strategies, to take new initiatives and to face diverse challenges but one thing is clear that determination moves the mountains.

The longest journey begins with a single step. Then gradually we go ahead and progress to the desired level. work, work and work and the policy of do more is the key to success.

But only this realization is not enough for a breakthrough. Majority of people struggle but in spite their efforts they can not get a remarkable achievement. The only reason is that they do not strive in the right direction. In our society, it is a common practice that people do not seek guidance from an expert or consult a specialist to commence an endeavour. Result is a futile struggle with petty achievement. Therefore we must always struggle with sound planning.

All the great men in history attained excellence in their ambition with untiring efforts. We should follow their food- steps and develop the habit of incessant struggle. Only then we can prove our worth and excel the others in our objectives.

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