Essay on Science and Religion in English

By | May 13, 2019

There was chaos and darkness in the universe. God said: Let there be light and their was light. He created Man. Man is lord of Creation. He has been blessed with intelligence, reason and wisdom-discriminative knowledge. He can distinguish between good and evil, between fair and foul, right and wrong. He has reasoning power and can choose the right path the path of religion. He is responsible for his acts and actions. Religion stands for, spiritual truth, for morality. Morality is the summum bonum (highest essence) of all religions.

The path of religion is path of virtues-goodness, truth and justice. All the prophets of Allah have been sent to each religious duties and truth to the humanity. Religious truth or spiritual truth can not be reached by means of clutches of intelligence and arguments. It is the inner faculty ‘intuition’, the voice of the soul that makes really religious and good and great. Religion teaches love, mutual respect, tolerance, patience, forbearance and universal brotherhood. The present disorder, tension, bloodshed, hatred and public corruption are due to the erosion of religious values. Religion stands for love and peace. [the_ad id=”17141″]

Religion and Science are related to each other. Religion tells us: What is the purpose of creation? What is life, what is death? Why man has been sent into the world? What are his duties to God and to Man? What is the ultimate fate of man? How rewards and punishments would be dispensed? Science tries to determine what physical laws govern the universe. It attempts to probe the secrets of nature. Its aim is to reach physical truth through power of reasoning.

Both religion and science aim at truth-spiritual and material or physical respectively. Science stands for material well being and welfare of man. Religion aims at spiritual bliss. Science is concerned with physical truth and accuracy only. It has nothing to do with values like goodness, justice, altruism, love of parents for children, filial love, friendship, and patriotism, etc. Scientific attitude has eroded many moral values. Religion teaches the norm of ethics (morality). The use of Science in wars is full of violence, hatred. All is fair in love and war.

Science has made a man more materialistic. It has given birth to soulless cultures. Science has become a religion of the modern world. It has made some atheists, rebels against God and His religions. Religion has become something personal. It is confined to Sunday rituals among the Christians. Humanity is fed with love.

God is love. Only a wise synthesis of religious values (faith) and Scientific technology can save the world from the destined destruction. Science is for ‘Here’ only. Religion is both for Here and the Hereafter.

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