Essay on Politics in Pakistan in English

By | May 16, 2019


  • Introduction
  • Indigenous background of Politics
  • A sordid business
  • A fatal game
  • Politics and the youth
  • Conclusion

Politics are the activities involved in getting and using power in public life, and being able to influence decision that effect a country or a society.

Since the creation of Pakistan, Politics in Pakistan remained the sphere of feudal lords. They performed well with the votes of their agriculturally-dependent employees. Then the industrialists entered this arena. Most of the politicians belonged to well-to-do families. If some persons with ordinary background tried to enter politics, they could not survive. Nowadays politics is a costly field for newcomers.

First the politician invest huge sum of money in elections and after getting power and authority, they embezzle the government funds and feather their nest to keep the ball rolling in the coming years. And this goes on forever. For this reason, the highest corruption is found in politics and government high-ups.

During the last some decades, politics has become a fatal game in the country. Now politics is the most violent sphere. Politics of violence is in vague. This is certainly a matter of great concern but it is a fact. A large number of politicians have been assassinated in the country since its birth. Now it is compulsory for a politician to have an army of private security guards for his security yet the security is not the guaranteed. Now it seems that politics is the most fatal and exhaustive activity in our environment.

All over the world, the youth are participating in all walks of life with revolutionary spirit. In our country, the youth use the platform of university for their political training and evolution. Political parties always try to manipulate them them from universities. Thus their education sometime suffers and they play in the hand of political parties. There is actually no other way of their grooming as politicians. This situation introduced arms in the institution of higher learning, which is a sad ground reality of our country.

It is necessary that the skill of politics must be handed over to the new generation but its way of application must be reformed. With transparent accountability, politics should be made a corruption-free and violence-free zone. The youth should be trained as would-be politicians on modern and scientific lines. Politics must be a field of service to the public.

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