Essay on Pleasures of Gardening in English

By | May 14, 2019

Everybody cannot afford the luxury of gardens. The poor class lives in chacha houses and slums. They cannot even afford two square meals a day. The lower-middle class and the middle-class people live in moderately built houses of various sizes. ‘Only the upper class and rich people living in modern style, luxury bungalows on big plots, can maintain gardens. It is a question of taste and status.

Moreover, everybody does not know how to enjoy life. People have means and money but they do not have the will to get the best out of life. Land, climatic conditions and supply of regular water supply are big considerations in maintaining gardens. Nowadays good books are available on gardening and up-keep of gardens. Then there are books, magazines and newspaper columns on seed and plants. How and when they are to be sown, planted and looked after? It is part of art of gardening.

Only those who have gardens, know, the pleasures of gardening. In the first place, gardening is a good hobby. It keeps you busy in leisure or spare time. It reflects your aesthetic taste. It is an expensive pass-time. There is a spacious garden facing our bungalow. The green lawn in the centre is cool and pleasing to the eyes. In the middle of the lawn, there is a fountain. Seasonal plants are planted in the hexagonal flower beds, round the fountain.

On all sides, are rows full of gorgeous, colourful and sweet smelling flowers: roses, jesmine, marrygold, night queen and bela. There are shady fruit trees along the boundary. We eat and enjoy fruits – mangoes, banana, guava and berries according to the seasons. On both sides of the paths leading the two gates, are flower pots having permanent plants. Some of them are very costly and unique.

Gardening is also a good exercise. The mowing of the lawns, the watering of the plants, pruning and air-laying of the flower beds, keep me busy and healthy. I do everything by my self. It is always pleasant to sit in the garden during the hot season and bask in the sun during winter. I love to listen to the chirping of the birds on the trees. During the spring season, the garden is full of smiling flowers of rare varieties. The voice of the cuckoo bird is simply thrilling.

Gardening reminds me of the bounties of nature. God has created everything for the enjoyment and service of man. You can walk hand and hand with PAN (the god of nature). Gardening feeds our senses-eyes, nose and ears. The colorful flowers, their sweet smell, and singing of the birds delight us. It provides a fund of joy and knowledge. It lifts our spirits and corrects the mood. Indeed, a thing of beauty is joy forever. In the words of Wordsworth, It brings us the bliss of solitude.

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