Essay on My Hobby in English

By | May 12, 2019

Hobby means a favorite pursuit followed for amusement. Everybody wants to be amused, but all have no time for such amusements. The poor have to work from morning to evening in order to make the two ends meet. The well to do are sluggish and ease-loving. Temperaments also differ. Many do cultivate hobbies.

To follow a hobby requires both interests, time and resources. Some hobbies are very costly. Moreover, what is a hobby for one person, it may be a profession for the other. For example, photography is a hobby for an amateur but it is a profession for a photographer. Likewise gardening in a hobby for a well-to-do person, and occupation for a gardener. People in advanced countries have enough time and money spent on hobbies. They also know how to enjoy life. It is not so in backward countries.

Some common hobbies are stamp collecting, coins collecting, photography, gardening, cycling, hunting, drawing, and music, etc. Hobbyism is not so popular in Pakistan. In the western countries, people are hobbyists as trackers, hikers, travelers, tourists and climbers.

My favorite hobby is stamp collecting. A group of my friends is also stamped, collectors. All the free countries have their own stamps of different categories and valuations. Stamps are also printed to commemorate some important national events, anniversaries, UNO annual days. As such stamp collecting offers a wide variety and scope. Nowadays the whole world has become like one-unit due to the easy, cheap and quick means of communication and transport. Thus, stamp collecting provides greater scope and fun for the hobbyist.

I have two stamps albums containing stamps of more than hundred countries. I have been interested in the hobby for last six years. I usually exchange stamps from my friends. The rare ones I buy from the market – stamp seller’s shops. I even go to the length of bribing the postmen for the pilfering of stamps. They easily swallow the bait. Some office clerks and peons also sell stamps.

I have collected necessary information about the countries, their governments and the people as a hobbyist. My hobby has increased my general knowledge. I often make notes about the ceremonial stamps of some countries. I have some good pen-friends who not only help in increasing my collection but also in understanding their cultures, likes and dislikes and historical background.

I think it better to live in the company of stamps and know international events than to move in company of friends. My hobby keeps me busy, active and well-informed. It has made me rather, man of the world. Hobby teaches us value of time. It has great educative and amusement value.

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