Essay on Importance of Military Training for Citizens

By | May 15, 2019

‘If you want to have peace, prepare for war’.

Three factors territory, population and government make a nation. It is the government that runs the affairs of the state. The two most important functions of the government are:

  1. to defend and preserve the territorial sovereignty of the state
  2. to maintain law, order and peace within the country

In order to preserve the solidarity of the country, the government has to maintain the Armed forces. They are defenders of the country’s boarders and sovereignty. The second duty is assigned to the Police. It is the patriotic duty of every citizen to share the defence of the country. It is possibly only when all the able bodied persons are well trained in the art of modern war-fare. Greater responsibility lies on the officers and the soldiers in regard to the national defence.

Seeing the nature of modern war, all the civilians including college students must undergo military trainings. Modern war is a totalitarian affair. All, the soldiers and civilians, men . and women, the young and the old are involved in the war, or effected directly or indirectly by it. As such, the students · must undergo proper military training and keep fit and ready for all eventualities. Without proper scientific training, it is impossible to take part in national defence. [the_ad id=”17141″]

Pakistan is a new country, but it occupies a very strategic position. Boarders of Bharat, China, Russia and Afghanistan meet her boarders in the east, the north and the N-west. There is the Arabia sea in the south. Bharat is a huge country. She has evil designs against Pakistan. They have never reconciled to the – Two Nation Theory. Moreover, Bharat is out to undo Pakistan with force. The country is situated in the middle of the world. All these geographical and economic factors call for a strong defense.

Again, force (military strength) is said to be best deterrent against war. Build up your military power to such an extent that the enemy dare not cast an evil eye on you. The present arrangements for military training in colleges and universities are not satisfactory. What is needed is intensive training in all the three branches of defence – Army, Airforce, and Navy. A soldier has to learn the methods of fighting in deserts, villages and hills and marshy places. Without a sound second line of defence, the country can not boast of good preparations. Moreover, constant vigilance is price of liberty.

Only a well trained and disciplined auxiliary force can meet the challenge of the time. Military training inculcates sense of punctuality and duty among the youths. Above all, it makes them physically fit and disciplined. Discipline is the highest spirit and strength of the army. It makes them active and smart. They learn lessons in obedience, mutual co-operation and team work. It develops love for the country, courage, power of endurance. It awakens sense of national unity and fosters spirit of sacrifice.

The country is passing through most critical time. Regionalism has raised its ugly head. Love for the country or patriotism is at low ebb. Social and economic events have eroded national character. The enemy is at our doors. They have perpetuated reign of terror on the people of held Kashmir. Worst crimes are being committed against Human Rights. Our sovereignty is threatened.

The Quran has declared: The non-believers are your enemies. On face they say we are with you, but they cherish worst enmity in their hearts. Beware of them! What we need is compulsory military training and the Islamic Bomb – the powerful deterrent. Self-help is the best help.

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