Essay on Health Is Key to Happiness in English

By | May 15, 2019

Good health is a great blessing of God. Health does not mean strong or fat body. The secret of good health is power of resistance, capacity to fight against the enemies of health.

There is no doubt about the saving: Health is wealth. A healthy person is always active and smart. He/she can do more work and achieve good results. The saying is very true about students. It is said:

‘A sound body has a sound mind’.

Students having poor health can not compete with others. It is also true in the practical life. Health is indispensable in all the walks of life. Some jobs like that of a soldier or a policeman always demand good health. They must keep themselves fit physically. No doubt health is a gift of God; but persons having poor health, can improve by daily exercise. If a person is healthy and fit, he/she can earn more wealth and go up the ladder of life.

Persons engaged in mental work like teachers, writers and doctors can not give good performance, if they are weak and physically not fit. On the other hand if they are healthy, they can earn both fame and money.

A person may be rich or wealthy; but if he has poor health, he can not enjoy the blessings of life such as good food and entertainments. A sickly person cannot digest food or derive pleasures from entertainments like sports and games. He is casily tired out. The joys of life are denied to him. On the other hand, if a person is poor but healthy and stout, he can enjoy all the gifts of life. [the_ad id=”17141″]

He can work hard and face the buffets of life. It is the poor farmers who tilt the soil and prodụce wealth – grains and raw materials. The poor labourers help in producing more goods and creating wealth. for their masters. Health, to a large extent, depends on good climate, balanced diet, and better standard of living. People living in cold countries with high standard of living, have helped in making their countries prosperous and strong. They can work for longer hours without being tired.

Good education also helps in maintaining good health. An educated person knows the rules of health and hygiene. Good food, cleanliness and regular habits are secret of good health. Education makes a man wise for him ignorance is not a bliss.

Wealth does not mean riches. It stands for prosperity and happiness in life. It is a great possession. No wealth or money can purchase good health and happiness. The proverb does · not mean that every healthy person is rich. Manual workers like coolees, mill-workers and farmers are healthy but poor, many rich people are chronic patients. By and large, the proverb is true. Health is a precious possession. It makes life worth living. A rich man may be deprived of his, wealth but health is personal possession. No body can steal the wealth of health.

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