Essay on Fear of Examinations in English

By | May 10, 2019

Examinations fill the examinees with fear because their future is fully dependent on them. The fear of examinations saps the courage and energy of the examinees. The bright students as well as dull tremble with fear the night before the examination. Some students prepare select questions and the brilliant ones are apprehensive of possible poor performance. They prepare all the questions and leave nothing to chance.

The fear of examination is unavoidable. The present system of examination is at fault to a great extent. This system is an age-old process and does not fully suit the present conditions. This system is not a genuine test of examinee’s ability and calibre.

Even the dullest examinee can score the highest marks if he gets the question paper having the questions which he has fully cramped. A test of two or three hours may not, sometimes, test the real talent or caliber of a student. Examinations should be a healthy process of testing one’s ability and they should not be a fearful experience. Even many brilliant students weep a day before the examination. Success or failure is not entirely linked to the original intelligence and calibre of an examinee. Even a difference of a single mark may make or mar the future of an examinee.

The fear of examinations is going to live unless the pattern of examinations is changed to suit the present requirements. An alternative method of evaluating students’ ability should be introduced. The present system of examinations is surrounded in controversy for a long time and needs the proper attention of the educationists.

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