Essay on Experience of a Rainy Day in English

By | May 14, 2019

It was the first week of July. The days were sultry and the nights closed. Everybody was uneasy. People, in general, grumbled as usual. The rich living in measured temperatures did not fell the pinch of the weather. The poor and the pious prayed to God for rains. Their prayers were heard and the hot spell was about to be broken. It was 10th of July. The sky was overcast with black clouds pregnant with water. Soon it became dark and a sudden gust of cool wind set in. At last the cloud burst into a heavy downpour, heavy rains. The the wind lashed; the trees began to swing. The birds descended into their nests, and the animals ran for shelter. But the children and young persons came out and began to enjoy and play. They splashed and rolled in rainwater. The thirsty earth was quenched. The trees and streets were washed clean. It continued to rain in cats and dogs with intermittent peals of thunder and flashes of lightning. Everybody felt relieved and happy. The pelting drops of rain produced musical notes as they fell on tin roofs and puddles of water.

I looked on the scene through the window of my room. The shuters were rattling due to the wind. I also heaved a sigh of relief. For some time the rain stopped and the bright face of Apollo (the Sun) could be seen. I looked towards the east at the technicolored rainbow. The famous line of W. Wordsworth: “The rainbow smiled on the faded storm’, came to my mind. Iris (the rain god) appeared to be in good mood. The weather became cool and pleasant. Again the rainy clouds gathered on the sky. It began to drizzle. The face of the Sun was hidden behind the clouds. The spell of light rains continued till evening. The wind continued to whisper through tree leaves and tops. The maid melancholy said good-bye to me. I went up the terrace and bathed till I was completely soaked to skin. Dull would be the soul that was not moved to joy at the gleeful nature.

Dusk was drawing near. We enjoyed some ‘pakoras (Snacks) and hot tea. As I sat in my easy chair, some lonely notes of the cuckoo bird hidden in the foliage of the trees thrilled my heart. I could not help, mimicking them with joy. The rains also brought sufferings for the poor living in huts and Katchi Abadies. Some trees were uprooted and tin roofs blown away. The break down of electricity plunged the area into darkness. The relief was short lived.

Beyond the fashionable flats and bungalows could be seen the torn huts and floating belongings of poor dwellers. No doubt the rain was a mixed blessing. I could not help sympathizing with the sufferers. How helpless man is! The rain continued with intervals. I had my supper under the light of wax candles. The moths kissed the flames and died. What an end! After night prayer I retired to my bed. Man is never satisfied and always grumbling.

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