Essay on Autobiography of A Cricket Bat

By | May 15, 2019

I was in high school. My father being a good cricketer of his time, wished me to be a cricketer. I already had two kits at home. In fact bat and ball had been the toys of my childhood. One day I saw the addition of a new strong and good looking bat in my kit. I was definitely curious how and when it became a member of our family.

Next morning I came to know from my naughty sister that father had brought the bat from Lahore. She often used to taunt me about dreaming to be a great cricketer. Anyhow, I did not argue with her. When she had departed, I sat gazing at the new arrival. By looks and autographs on the bat, I could judge its value. It was Sunny Master. I looked at the Sun monogram on it top and asked it to open the mouth and tell me its autobiography.

The Sun smiled, and opened his mouth. The voice seemed to be grave and commanding. It began by telling how and when he was born in the beautiful Azad Kashmir Valley, in pine family. When the tree was matured, they cut it down in logs and sent them to Sialkot in a Truck. Then we were taken to a sports factory- Sunny Sports Goods Factory. After undergoing various operations, I was given my present shape. I am proud that I am really ‘Master’ among the class. I was specially made for Pakistan cricket team. We have a joint family- bats, balls, wickets, guards, pads, bails and gloves. We are all part of Cricket kit. [the_ad id=”17141″]

From Sialkot I was brought to Karachi Cricket Club. There I was singled out by the great Pakistan Star Batsman Miandad. He took me home; oiled me and made some blows on my face. They call it ‘strokes’ – for striking the ball well. I can boast that I have toured widely over the condiments. I have displayed my firmness at Newzealand, Australia, India, England, West Indies, Sri Lanka and South Africa. Once I also visited Decca with my master. I was sorry to learn how Pakistan was broken by some selfish and conceited politicians.

It is my fate to face the volleys of fast, and slow. The Captain Mr. Imran nick-named me Victory. I had brought victory for the team by hitting a classical finishing six at Sharja. Most of batsmen prefer me for my long handle and scoring feats. I have helped them in scoring fifties and centuries. I am now eight years old but I always keep my self fit. You see I am still young for my looks.

I laughed and enjoyed the eloqution of the bat. At last became to the historic event of his life. He told me, “Some days before a grand show was held at Lahore for Caner Hospital. VIP’s and artists from Bharat and Pakistan graced the function. In the midst of great festivities, I was auctioned. I was claimed by your father for giving the highest bid of Rs.10,000. I am glad that I have come in cricket loving family. I am indeed great Souvenir – a thing to be preserved.

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