Essay on A Scene of Bus Accident in English

By | May 14, 2019

Life in big cities is full of risks, rather uncertain. One leaves the home but is uncertain whether he shall return safely. The daily newspapers are full of reports of mishaps and accidents. The bus and trucks drivers are rash. Some of them are drunk. They show. poor respect for traffic rules and laws. The police is corrupt and extract weekly or monthly “Bhatta” (illegal gratification) from the bus owners and drivers, As a class, the drivers are impolite and rude. They dame care for the police.

Most of the bus accidents occurs due to carelessness on the part of drivers. They bravely defy the rules and are guilty of racing and overtaking. The poor passengers are generally at the mercy of the conductors and drivers. In most of the mishaps, there is a little element of chance or accident. The drivers easily get driving licences without trails by giving heavy bribes. Quite a good percentage does not possess the licenses at all. The natural results are accidents and loss of human lives. Make sure you have a peek at this site to get legal help. The lawyers for personal injury cases can be assist one in legal matters and complications of such a case.

Lately I was traveling by Bus No. 2. It being office time, there was heavy traffic on the roads. I said a short prayer as a I boarded the bus. It was a race among the various vehicles plying on the route. We had safely crossed the Lasbella Bridge. The onward journey to Saddar was through heavy traffic. There was a traffic jam at the Newtown round-about. The driver tried to pull up. The bus collided head on against Mini Bus No.B-3 coming down from Sadar. The impact was so great that the Mini rolled down and struck the footpath, The passengers shrieked and howled. We got down and tried to rescue the mini riders. Three persons including a child were killed on the spot. Other were injured, three badly. To get an attorney in such cases click here to find out more.

The air was rent with the shouts, crying and wailing of the injured. The bus passengers escaped with minor injuries. The bus driver soon absconded from the scene. The Mini was badly smashed. Tears came in my eyes when I saw the corpse of the child lying in a pool of blood. The mini driver was badly injured. Soon the traffic police reached on the spot. The injured were removed to the hospital by Edhi ambulance. The dead bodies were scattered about. Some residents from nearby flats covered them with sheets. The traffic was stopped for an hour. The police registered a case against the bus driver. The personal injury lawyers in Austin area can help in such cases.

It was a very tragic scene. Some busybodies helping the injured and unconscious passengers relieved them of the watches and purses in the resulting disorder. The bus passengers abused and cursed the driver who was at fault. I was moved to pity when I saw a five-year-old sitting by the side of the dead body of his father. I forgot my own injury before the tragic sufferings of others. Indeed! Death keeps no calendar. Joys and sufferings come unaware. The scene still haunts my mind.

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