Essay on A Great Sportsman in English

By | May 14, 2019

It is true that nowadays, nations are judged on playgrounds. Pakistan is the only Muslim country that has produced players and sportsmen of great caliber and fame. Their achievements on the field, have brought great honor to the country. They are like roaming ambassadors of Pakistan. An English poet has remarked. The great victory at Waterloo was won on the playground of Etor (famous, public school).

The nation as a whole, holds the sportsmen in great esteem. Our players have won great laurels in Hockey, Cricket, Squash and Wrestling. Islahuddin, Ghulam Rasool, Samiullah, Anwar and Hanif are the well known names in Hockey. Hanif Mohammad, Imran Khan, Miandad, Fazal Mahmood and Wasim Bari have inspired the Youths in Cricket. Roshan Khan and Jahangir Khan have been unbeaten champions in Squash. Pakistanees are sports loving people. Our players have kept the flag of the country flying high.

I have singled out Islahuddin for paying my homage. Not that I minimize the greatness of others, but because he has been my ideal. He had been responsible for many a victory for Pakistan. We can call him Ranjit Singh of Hockey. Hockey is our national game. Many stars rose on the horizon of hockey and set, but Islahuddin in stilling giving light. He is a Custom Officer and had been representing his team for many years. He led the Pakistan side that won many victories on the hockey grounds in Olympics and Hockey Championships. He had never been selfish, and always attributed the victories to team-work and prayers of the people.

As a captain, he always enjoyed the confidence and respect of the team mates. If Dheyan Sigh was famous for his stickwork, Islah has been famous for dash and field score. He had been the greatest right-out that Pakistan had produced. He always faced the bullet of plenty corners due to his proverbial dash-faster than the shot. He scored an impossible goal in the Championship Tournament at Argentina from left zero point. Thus he was the chief architect of the great victory. He is endowed with physical, mental and moral qualities as sportsman.

Others should learn sportsmanship spirit from him. He has been always above self interest, egoism and politics of the games. He rightly deserves to be the Manager of Pakistan Hockey team. We, now often hear him as an commentator and expert on T.V. and Radio. He is never discouraged. He believes: One is never defeated unless one is discouraged. Preservence is key of success. His motive has been play up, play up the game. If you don’t succeed, don’t lose courage.

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