Cinema is to be Prohibited for Students Essay

By | May 15, 2019

Every picture has two sides-bright and dark. Our ancestors believed in Puritan ideals and strict moral discipline. Still wise parents do not allow a free charter to the children. The saying Excess of everything is bad, holds good about habits.

Cinemas or movies have been popular means of amusement and entertainments till recently. Nowadays every house having Television has become a small cinema house due to the introduction of VCR’S. Except some educational programs, most of films and features are exclusively meant for adults. Going to movies for a change, once or twice a month, was permissible But the present practice of sitting before the TV and VCR Cassette Players is very harmful for the children and the students.

At present three Television networks are operating simultaneously in Pakistan. That is to much. It is not only waste of time and energy but it is also harmful for the students and interferes with their main duty-studies. In the western countries, most of the films and T.V. features are meant for the adults who are working people. They fell relieved after seeing the films. They project all aspects of life. Indian and Pakistani films are always full of romance, love affairs and music craze.

Most of English and Indian films are harmful for the students. They depict English and Indian life and cultures. They run against our cultural values. They are full of lusty dances, kissing and embracing, immoral affairs, crimes, and violence. Such films have very bad influence on our young generation. Psychologically such scenes are very appealing for they are like indirect fulfillment of desires and wishful thinking of the seers. The most appealing factors for boys are the female roles.

Sitting and watching of all such scenes, by the parents and the children together, removes the distance between the old and the young, the juniors and the seniors. It is very harmful for family life. It has eroded the old values like modesty, shyness and blushfulness. It is against the norms of moral training. Children become over sex conscious and pert prematurely. Most of the scenes projected on the T.V.films are against the teachings of Islam.

The imported values and foreign ideas have done great harm to our peculiar cultural heritage and national ideology. Moreover, the growing waves of crimes, shooting, killing, use of fire arms, organized gang robberies, looting and snatching of cars and purses, hooting and passing of obscene remarks against the members of the fair sex and craze for fashion and fads, are the direct results of seeing foreign films.

Indeed, man takes in vice more easily that virtue. Hence seeing cinema films and movies are to be prohibited for students, both on social and moral grounds.

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