A Visit to Funland English Essay

By | May 12, 2019

Modern scientific progress has greatly added to the means of amusement, diversion and recreation. Besides the indoor entertainers T.V., VCR and radio, there are other outdoor attractions like funland public parks, picnic spots and crowded shopping centres.

Life in big cities is assessed on the bases of material comforts and money, fashion and fads. In a busy city like Karachi, life is very monotonous. A change is always welcome. They look to outdoor enjoyments for change. A visit to Funland brings the necessary relief.

Funland is a recreation ground on the seashore, Clifton beach. It is at a distance of about three miles from the old city. Modern Karachi is spread over about 400 sq. miles. Funland attracts visitors from all over the sprawling city. Rich people go on cars, the poor travel by public buses. There is a never-ending line of visitors from 5 P.M. to midnight. Thousands of colored lights, bulbs and tube lights turn it into day.

Recently we played host to some guests from Pindi. One day I made a programme to take them to Funland. We reached the place in our pick-up at 9.p.m. There was a heavy rush. I. had great difficulty in finding parking space. The weather was pleasant and sea breezes were blowing. The land hummed with noises and buzzing musical, grating, rumbling and rattling sounds.

After crossing the chat and snacks cabins and stalls, we stepped on the Funland circle. On the left there was crash funs- Grand Ride, Musical ride, Balloon ride and Globe cinema. The central space was reserved for mini train, flying coach, children’s car ride. The funniest recreation spots Pirate Boat, Flying Saucers, jumbo Wheel functioned on the right-hand side. In between, there were children’s games and come ice cream machines. Other vendors and hawkers moved about ‘the ground altering the kiddies.

Each ride cost five chips. First, we had Grand Ride. The carriage whirled round in weavy, to and fro motions, at a tremendous speed. Many riders cried and shrieked. Then I took my guests on the flying coach. The train raced on 20 feet high rails with ups and downs. The rattling sound deafened our ears. After having fast food, we sipped cold drinks. It was all rich people’s show. The poor people and their children consoled themselves with sight seeing. I really had soft corner for them and pitted them.

My friends were anxious to have Pirate Boat swings almost at 80 degrees. We rode the boat. It was a daring experience. No visit to Funland is complete without floating on Flying Saucers. I had a unique experience with my friends. I had already taxed my pocket with 300 rupees to have different funs. We wished for more. It was nearing midnight so we decided to return. The clock struck ‘one’ when we reached home.

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