A Visit to a Departmental Store Essay in English

By | May 12, 2019

In the olden days people had limited wants. They led a simple life. Most of them used to satisfy their wants by themselves. As wants increased, they had to depend on one another for their satisfaction. They began exchanging commodities. This was called barter. Barter involved co-incidence of wants so it was given up. The introduction of money made buying and selling easier.

Now, there are two races of men-buyers and sellers. The whole world has become like a big market. There is a constant meeting of the two races. Departmental stores are all purposes stores. They are like centralized, small markets. Instead of running helter shelter, the buyers can buy articles of daily use and other commodities in one place. In western countries, such stores render quick multiple services. Big commercial cities have huge departmental stores. Karachi being a large commercial city has about half a dozen such stores.

All of them are in posh, fashionable marketing areas. The earliest, Mahboob Departmental Store started in sixties at Saddar. Now there are many multiple purposes stores. They are meant for rich people.

The marriage of my sister was near. My parents had to make quick arrangements so we visited Mehboob Departmental Store. All the articles of dowery could be purchased in a few hours. There were cloth emporiums, jewelry shops, crockery cutlery shops, shoe stores, electronic goods shops, utensils stores, drapers and decorator centre, gifts center, Furniture mart, Garments, Toys shops, Book shops, and leather goods and sports goods shops, etc. Tailors, shoe-makers, Jewellery makers and interior decorators booked urgent orders.

As my parents were busy buying the various commodities, I went round, the whole market. There was hot selling and buying and bargaining. The ladies in fashionable dresses dominated the scenes. I purchased some magazines, shoes and a cricket bat. On the ground floor people were enjoying fast food, eating chat and sipping tea and sharbat. The airconditioned restaurant attracted young couples.

As the various articles were being packed, we went down to enjoy snacks and cold drink. I enjoyed my favorite icecream-Three-in-one. I also purchased some dry fruits for my brother and sisters. I did not forget to buy some attractive, toys and garments for Rida, my two year old sister.

Afterward, as I went up, I met my old friends Viqas and his parents. He told that his pocket had been picked. Thank God, the purse contained some rupees and card. The cash was in his suit pocket. As it was near dusk, we collected the purchases and drove home.

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