You Found Your Room Filled With Smoke Paragraph

By | April 16, 2019

It was as though I were an unwilling participant in a reality television programme. I had never seen such dense smoke that I would be unable to see more than three feet ahead. I ran in the direction of my door but when I placed my hand on the doorknob, I winced in pain from the heat. I went back to my bed and groped for my bed sheet. Using it to avoid burning my hands I managed to open the door to face denser smoke and heat similar to that of a blasted furnace.

I quickly shut the door and crawled to the window, even before I started looking for a furnace repair company. The smoke was getting denser by the second as it continued to get more and more difficult for me to breathe. I tried to push open my window with my hand cushioned in my bed sheet but it didn’t move. I tried harder but my window failed to budge. My throat contracted from thoughts of impending doom as well as the fumes engulfing me. In desperation I grabbed a heavy paperweight in the shape of a lion and threw it hard at the glass window which thankfully shattered. I elbowed the remaining shards of glass and inhaled deeply the fresh air.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Soon I heard the wailing and for the first time in my life, welcoming sound of two fire engines. The temperature of my room had gradually been increasing but there was no way I could’ve escaped from my window because my room was on the second floor. From my window I could see people gathering around. Among them I spotted my mother standing next to my sister and as soon as they saw me they started waving and shouting. I was beyond relieved to see them safe and sound but then a thought struck me. I couldn’t see my father in the crowd.

The Farmer and the Snake (150 Words)

As the firemen began to set up their tall ladder towards my window, the gravity of the situation hit me once more. I dived back into my room to try to save my blue file in which I stored all my important documents such as my passport and my birth certificate and so forth. Luckily I knew the way around my room even with my eyes closed and managed to locate it from my desk drawer. Meanwhile, I could hear a fireman shouting to me to come towards the window. Never had I been so happy to see a stranger, in my entire life. I felt dizzy but as I was being helped down the ladder I saw my father in the crowd and nearly lost my balance from relief. Our home may have been reclaimed by the fire but my family was safe and sound and that was all that mattered to me.

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