Summer Vacations Short Paragraph

By | April 18, 2019

When the last day of school ended, I couldn’t keep my happiness in place. No more school, no more waking up at the crack of dawn and no more class tests. My parents had been just as excited as I and my two brothers were. They had decided that summer in Lahore was too unbearably hot, so a trip to the nearby hillside resorts was planned. Not only that, we were also going to make a stop at my aunt’s house along the way. Her children only seemed diminutive in size but in reality were the biggest troublemakers in our family, which is why I got along great with them.

After we loaded our luggage into the boot of our car we headed off. Both my brothers were sitting with me in the back seat of our car. Arslan was busy munching on biscuits while Taimur was listening to blaringly loud music on his iPod. Meanwhile, I had my father’s camera in my hands. I planned to take as many photographs as I could along the way. After driving non-stop for four hours I was relieved when we finally reached Islamabad. After another ten minutes we reached my aunt’s house who had prepared a feast of a dinner for us. After dinner all the boys were put in one room for the night. Five boys in one room were bound to think of some trouble. We planned to sneak downstairs in the middle of the night but none of managed to wake up as planned.[the_ad id=”17141″]

The next few days were spent in amusement parks frolicking on adrenaline-inducing rides. Arslan, who slightly scared of heights, threw up while we were strapped in on a ride. I felt bad for him but not as bad as for the person on whom his regurgitated contents landed. The rest of the days were less eventful but definitely more exhilarating. I played as many games as possible at the different gaming zones that my parents took us to. On top of that my bowling capabilities also greatly improved with our daily sessions at a local bowling alley.

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Our next stop was Bhurban, an ethereal hillside resort. With the many nature walks that we took there managed to snap at least a few hundred photographs. It was good to get away from the heat of the city and to be amidst a serene, cool environment. However, it wasn’t cold enough to dissuade me from going for a dip in the swimming pool whenever I wanted to. When it was finally time to return home, I wished I could turn back time and relive the last few weeks all over again.

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