Short Paragraph on Wild Beasts in a Cage

A very tragic sight-though, very amusing to sight-seers; children and boys. The wild beasts have lost their freedom and now are meek as mouse. They are synthetically rendered harmless by a giving them less food to eat. For the first few days of their capture, they attack the keeper tear at the iron bars and struggle to escape. But hunger makes them tame. Once uncrowned kings of the jungle how helpless they seem now! Man was simply trembling at his distant roar when the wild beast was free; now he spits on him, by his cunning tricks of intellect.

Short Paragraph on The Dog (300 Words)

Wild beasts in a cage are so pathetic too look at that we feel that in the name of humanity they may be killed but not kept like that. Why are they kept in a cage? To flatter the vanity of a king? To amuse the idle sight-seers. As specimens in natural history? Who knows? If by chance, a wild beast escapes from a cage, it takes full revenge by killing people and cattle.

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